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Make A Difference!
Make A Difference!

Volunteers Make A Difference

We don't accept donations from corporations. We do political organizing the old fashioned way- we earn the respect of volunteers. Without them nothing can be accomplished, no flyers are distributed, no new Green voters are registered. Without them creating real change is impossible.

So when you offer yourself to help out we don't take you for granted, we take you at face value- as someone who wants to help because they care.

When you volunteer you will be opening yourself to a special kind of experience. You'll be talking to people about your commitment, your desire to make a difference.

You will know in your own heart when people appreciate that and know when what you are doing really matters. And you'll be working with others who share your vision and ideals.

Green volunteers do all kinds of things like tabling at community events, distribute flyers, canvas, mailing, march in parades, help with the newsletter, write articles and reports about issues and events, help with the website and much more.

Below you will find opportunities to make a difference. Choose the one(s) you wish.

Thank You!             

Volunteer Information

   Contact Information

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   How You Can Help

   Public Outreach: Tabling and literature distribution.  Special Events: Participate in special events.
   Newsletter: Design, layout, writing articles and mailing.  Website: Maintenance, content design and programming.

   Comments & Ideas

Your participation will help us become a more effective voice of your concerns and ideals.

Thanks in advance for your help!


From time to time we'll post information here about how Green volunteers can help at special events & actions.

If there are other ways you feel you can help think about sharing them at one of our regularly scheduled meetings or visit our contact page and send your ideas to the Steering Committee.

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