Our Commitment to Archiving County Documents Online ~ work in progress

Communications & Outreach:
The eNewsletter began last year. To date, this is the largest mass outreach project in the history of the Green Party of Contra Costa. It was developed by party activists last year who commited much of their own time with financial backing from the GPCC Council via donations from party activists. We are most grateful to all of you who helped launch this project.

The eNewsletter reaches over 20,000 county voters regularly and we'd like to increase the receivership to 40,000 in the coming year...but it's not cheap! Our annual cost to maintain the site is $400, which is a healthy portion of the Green Party of Contra Costa County’s budget. [more]

Council Meetings
Archived Minutes:

Meetings are the connections between people, ideas & action. In order to serve Activist Greens and General Membership it's of the utmost importance that you have access to the conversation taking place so that when topics of interest to you arise, you can jump into the conversation without missing a beat.
RELATED: See ByLaws for Decision Making Process and other Rights, Responsibilities and other functional information.
Minute Archiving will take some time... it would benefit Greens greatly if someone who types or codes well could help out with this. please contact us.
Homepage Database
Archived Headlines:

We will now be archiving headlines, homepage blurbs, local news, current events, etc., for posterity and you’ll easily be able to find links to them right here. This way, everyone can research where we've been, what we've done, our positions, other comments and all that good stuff! There will also be important information that we've chosen or that you’ve referred to us to publish on the front page of the GPCC website.

Visionary Capital:

While the Green Party is adamant about not accepting corporate donations, we have learned well how to operate frugally; however, as we 'thrift' along, it is impossible to expand our operations without increasing our capital assets. We do not pay salaries as other parties do, but rather we are an ever-growing group of activists who see the potential in the Green Party that it has yet to realize. Nonetheless, we are finding that it is difficult to create a real grassroots party without incorporating at least some mainstream devices into our strategies.

Since the capacity of so few individuals working to realize the real potential of the Green Party is not enough, we need to recruit more intellectual, physical and financial involvement and commitment from our own members/activists - that is, your good selves.

In the meantime, we are putting varying levels of our own activist duties on hold. This is so that we can continue to evolve the party structure that will eventually be passed on to new activists when the time comes.

One of our major intentions as active County Councilmembers is to insert a new term-limit clause into the existing County bylaws. This is in order that no person or persons may become a "career" Councilmember.

Consequently, this would prevent formation of a torpid faction of power which could have the intent to support friends and liaisons at the state level. It would also thwart the stagnation of stewardship towards the County Party structure, which could then cause the General Membership to forget its duty to serve the greater good by donating its time to the issues at hand.

Having said all that, we would greatly appreciate any members out there who would like to get organized and give us a hand; the sooner, the better!

Further Outreach:

We hope to expand into television advocacy by means of cable TV ads which target the issues that you hold dear. Not only will this allow us to bring Green Party visibility to an even wider audience, we hope that it will also serve to remind voters that other political parties’ rhetoric is just that: talk, talk, and more talk.

At the same time, we hope that our commitment to our 10 Key Values, to truth, as well as the energy we have to really make a difference (to name but a few) will result in more folks in the county to seriously consider becoming Green. While we want to hold those 'Big' parties to their words (if only!), we also desire to bring our conversation to the table and see visible results in our home communities.

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