Green Party of Alameda County

Three Alameda County Greens currently hold elected officeJohn Selawsky and Jesse Townley, Rent Stabilization Board, Berkeley (Alameda County); and Jeff Davis, Board of Directors, Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (Alameda and Contra Costa Counties).

Our county party is committed to the Ten Key Values of the Green Party of California: ecological wisdom, sustainability, social justice, grassroots democracy, respect for diversity, decentralization, community-based economics, non-violence, local and global responsibility and feminism.

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Gov. Jerry Brown was accused of offering "false choices" to Californians about the state budget by an official of the opposition Green Party of California, who went on to ask the governor if he stands "with us for human needs, or will you instead stand for continuing tax breaks for huge corporations and the very wealthy?"
Green Party of California officials this week threw their political muscle behind statewide student-based protests Wednesday at UC and other campuses against continued hikes in fees and tuition.
Will Gov. Jerry Brown - who "said" he wanted ideas - REALLY listen to ideas that could save working families money and help California recover from its financial crisis, asked the Green Party of California Monday night after the governor gave his 14-minute State of the State address.