Green Party of California

Application for Member, Delegation to Green Party of the United States
(job description)
received January 5, 2010

Name  -  John Paul 'Jack' Lindblad
City - North Hollywood
County  - Los Angeles
Contact information -
818-785-2724 /email jplindblad at

1) Please list any prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills within of the Green Party that you have, that apply to this position.

Jack Lindblad, in his public comment for the Commission on the 21st
Century Economy, received, read and acknowledged by Governor
Schwarzenegger, posted under "Public Comments" - as a pdf, draws
together the economic and ecological collapses' connectedness to urge
a steady state economy and tax policy based on relocalization and
bio-regional determinism to retire endemic deficit spending and adapt
to, mitigate, and restore ecological services from climate change by
reducing emissions 70% by 2015 for a less than 2 °C rise from 2000
levels to avoid escalating, horrific effects of deepening social,
economic and ecological collapse.
Mr. Lindblad vied for the 39th State Assembly District seat in 2008;
was the only Green candidate on the ballot for California Legislative
office; is now running to win in 2010 by building on the successes of
his 2008 campaign, and lives in the San Fernando Valley. Focusing on
water issues, sustainability and a steady-state economy, Lindblad is
using viral media, including Twitter and has designed his own Blogger
site to promote his campaign. He anchors his award-winning sustainable
architecture practice with an urban design and healthcare facility
emphasis in the San Fernando Valley. His work is recognized for
excellence and innovation.
Lindblad campaigns on a Green-values platform for more parks, for a
carbon-neutral, steady state economy basing development on
bio-regional determinism, not developers. He has supported various
community grass-root efforts, including forming neighborhood councils,
authoring sustainable community plans, stopping gentrification,
revitalizing the Tujunga-Pacoima Watershed, and assisting in the 'No
on B' winning effort to provide unfettered solar power to Los Angeles
Mr. Lindblad campaigns on the Green Ten Key Values of a Green New Deal
in the California Legislature to build a relocalized, bioregional,
steady state economy - arising from the financial meltdown and 'Great
Disruption' borne of a failed-growth economy. Repudiating the failed,
" business-as-usual" growth economy, whether in politics or his
architecture practice, will lessen the likelihood of human extinction.
Being a effective squeaky wheel in advocacies for health-care patient
rights against Big Insurance, for local water reliance, successful in
the Panorama City commercial area revitalization and in tipping the
balance against the Mayor of Los Angeles thwarted solar power grab has
prepared Lindblad to be his District's grassroots community advocate
in the State Legislature.
Lindblad's overall vote count attained 8.06% - comprising over 1600%
of the 39th Assembly District's Green registered base to rank among
the top Green Party results whether for partisan or non-partisan
Lindblad's 2006 and 2008 GPLAC Council Council runs (representing the
20th State Senate District) and 2008 Assembly run - requiring
signature gathering to qualify to be placed on the ballot - yielded
140 new Green Party registrants, and represented a 2008 increase of
Green registrants by 20%, signaling a reversal of a steady decline
over the past ten years and seeing ongoing growth in organizing Green
Party registration numbers in the east San Fernando Valley, and
Lindblad's home 39th Assembly District.
2006-2009 Delegate to GPCA plenaries. Attended July 2008 ANC GPUS
Presidential Nominating Convention, May 2009 Venice, August 2008
Orange County, May 2007 San Francisco GPCA plenaries. Jack Lindblad
was the Los Angeles County local host committee liaison to CCWG
(Warner Bloomberg, Coordinator, Campaigns and Candidates Working
Group) for the August 2007 scheduled event: 'Candidates Training and
Strategy Workshop, GPUS Presidential Candidate Forum,' sponsored by
CCWG, California Media Committee and Los Angeles County Greens.
Member, Green Party County Council; County of Los Angeles; Senate
District 20 2006-2010 (Northeast San Fernando Valley)
Top Priorities
• "Mitigate climate change" - Deployment of strategies and tactics to
reduce and cope with global warming economic, political, social and
environmental effects
• "Clean Money" - Banning of all corporatist lobbying and campaign spending
• "100% Amnesty" - Human Dignity and full Immigration rights for all
• "Green Party growth" - Seeing an increase in the number of elected
offices held by Greens

2) Please list any prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills outside of the Green Party that you have, that apply to this position.

• Occupation: Architect - Private Practitioner. Principal in the firm
of J. Paul Lindblad Architect in the San Fernando Valley of Los
Angeles, California.
• Master of Architecture, Texas A&M University with an Outpatient
Healthcare Facility thesis.
• Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design, University of Washington.
• Pioneered a mix of services which defined Diagnostic and Treatment
Outpatient Surgical Medical Centers with Magnetic Resonating Imaging
Facilities as a new building type employing innovative daylighting
• Served as an initiator of the Panorama City Neighborhood Council
formation and is active in the Livable Communities Council of the
Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley. Jack's work has included
religious campus planning and revitalization of existing commercial
centers to foster pedestrian friendly sustainable urban environments.
• Member of the American Institute of Architects, SFV Chapter,
Committee on Urban Design. Workshop participant/presenter of Los
Angeles Citywide General Plan Framework for the Van Nuys-North Sherman
Oaks District.
• Projects include: Rejuvenation of the Colfax-Magnolia Commercial
Corner, Aspen Ambulatory Care Diagnostic and Treatment Center, Simi
Valley and the Nancy Reagan Breast Center. Featured in magazines such
as California Centers Magazine and was a workshop participant of Paolo
Soleri's energy-efficient, sustainable city prototype in Arizona.
• Co-presenter on "Artist-Owned Live/Work Space as Catalyst for
Central Business District Recovery" drawing public awareness to reseed
the historic district in downtown Los Angeles. Testified as expert
witness in forensic consultations. Taught at Woodbury University in
Los Angeles, contributes to professional journal articles and has been
listed in the Who's Who Registry.
• Experience:
6/1982 - Present Office of J Paul Lindblad Architect North Hollywood, CA
Principal Architect
Architect Jack Lindblad has been involved in the design of over 200
million US dollars of building construction. His experience spans
diversified building types for urban design, corporate, commercial
office, religious, medical, industrial, multi-family and single family
housing clients. He leads senior design, construction documentation,
project supervision and management.
Lindblad facilitates projects of all scales from design, free-hand
presentations through completion. His ability in marketing skills and
efforts is impassioned by the spiritual qualities of architecture,
creativity, and a sense of humor. Always working in an active team
environment, punctual completion of projects is a hallmark of the
firm. All projects have been profitable.
His work is recognized for design achievement. He researches and
implements the firm's computer applications in marketing, accounting,
project management, preliminary design, presentation, contract
documentation, and master specification system. Mr. Lindblad is
responsible for professional staff evaluation, hiring, and review.
11/1981 - 6/1982 Hutner and Appel Architects Los Angeles, CA
Project Manager
Developed building programs and master plans. Responsible for project
conceptual design and schematics, design development and supervision
of contract documentation for medical building projects.
2/1981 - 10/1981 Woodford and Bernard Architects Los Angeles, CA
Project Manager
Responsible for project conceptual design and schematics, coordination
of design development and supervision of contract documentation for
commercial building projects.
10/1978 - 5/1979 James D. Fessenden Architect Portola Valley, CA
Job Captain, Designer
Obtained Planned Unit Development (PUD) site approval. Responsible for
project site design, conceptual design and schematics, design
development and supervision of contract documentation for residential
hillside projects.
7/1977 - 9/1978 Blunk Associates Architects Burlingame, CA
Job Captain, Designer
Generated building programs, feasibility studies and master plans.
Responsible for project conceptual design and schematics, design
development, engineering liaison and contract documentation for
commercial, hi-tech, residential building projects.
Social Justice and Community Activism:
• Organizer for the winning effort to defeat payola-inspired Los
Angeles Measure B - Solar
• Candidate of the Green Party for the 39th California State Assembly
Seat in 2008.
• Candidate for Pacifica's foundation radio station KPFK
Listener-Sponsor Board in 2007.
• Participant, May 2006 Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley Immigration Rallies.
• 2008 Green Party of the United States National Committee and
Presidential Nominating Convention Delegate for Cynthia McKinney
• Elected Member, Green Party Los Angeles County Council; 20th Senate
District 2006-2008 (Northeast San Fernando Valley)
• Participant in rallies and demonstrations for the impeachment of the
Bush regime.
• Participant in San Fernando Valley-based vigil demonstrations
against the US war in Iraq.
• Organizer of Organic Consumers Association (OCA) November 13-19
" Breaking the Chains" Campaign against Panorama City Wal-Mart as part
of national mobilization to educate consumers about the detrimental
effects of large chain stores and promote local, independent
alternatives in 2005.
• Co-organizer, Media event to increase public awareness of the
detrimental community impact of long-vacant, blighted, building
code-compromised 13 story Panorama Towers.
• "Conflict Resolution Training-Mending Human Relations" sponsored by
L.A. City Human Relations Commission, National Conference for
Community and Justice Program Graduate, 2003.
• Co-author and presenter, award-winning Panorama City Urban Design
Assistance Team Study for developing of a sustainable historic
commercial area in cooperation with the Los Angeles City Council and
Planning Department.
• Coro Southern California Neighborhood Leadership Development Program
Graduate, 2003
• Served as an initiator of the Panorama City and Valley Glen
Neighborhood Council formations.
• Active member in the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley
Livable Communities Council.
• Candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party for the 24th US
Congressional Seat in 1992.
• Organizer of San Fernando Valley Coalition for Peace and Justice
weekly vigil demonstrations on Ventura Boulevard against the US-led
Iraq invasion in 1991.
• Organizer of 'Censorship in Corporate Media' on-site demonstrations
against local media outlets of corporate-owned ABC, CBS, and NBC
initiated during the media spin build-up to Gulf War I in 1991.
• Candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party for the 43rd California
Assembly Seat in 1990.
Environmental Activism:
• Panelist/speaker on climate change and water at USC's town hall
forum, sponsored by Focus the Nation, a nonprofit organization
dedicated to empowering young people to help accelerate the transition
to a cleaner energy economy, co-sponsored with the USC Institute for
Genetic Medicine and the USC Levan Institute for Humanities and
• Contributor and Author of three-part Installment Newspaper Article:
" Life as we know it will become extinct" promoting revitalization of
the Tujunga-Pacoima Watershed published in the July, September and
October 2008 editions of North Valley Reporter based in the North East
San Fernando Valley.
• Workshop participant/presenter of Los Angeles Citywide General Plan
Framework for the Van Nuys-North Sherman Oaks District.
• Featured in California Centers Magazine as an advocate for compact
shopping and business environs along the 16-mile Ventura Boulevard
• Workshop participant of Paolo Soleri's energy-efficient, sustainable
city (arcology) prototype in Arizona.
• Co-presenter on "Artist-Owned Live/Work Space as Catalyst for
Central Business District Recovery."
• Featured speaker representing the advocacy group 'Fans of the
Sepulveda Basin' at US Army Corps of Engineers Hearings on saving the
Sepulveda Dam Basin Wilderness Area in 1992.
• Featured speaker at Amgen Headquarter on holding Big Tobacco
financially accountable for runaway health care costs associated with
smoking in 1992.
• Featured speaker at Los Angeles Valley College's Earth Day Event in 1991.
• Organizer, Low-cost Jitney Service for the San Fernando Valley in 1990.

3) Please describe your vision for serving as GPUS Delegate including addressing the job description for GPUS Delegate.

Because there are an expanded number of delegate and alternate positions allotted the California delegation and it is in the interest of all Greens in California to be fully represented, I am interested in serving in the process that the GPUS is engaged in, especially in the nomination of the Green Party US presidential candidate.