Green Party of California

Application for Delegate, Delegation to Green Party of the United States
(job description)
received February 28th, 2011

Name  -  David Gesinger
City: El Cerrito
County: Contra Costa
Contact Info: (831) 869-9117


I joined the Costra Costa County Green Party in the fall of 2010. I believe I reflect the views of the majority of the public; I am not happy with the way the two dominant political parties are expressing the will of the people in the political sphere. I decided to joint the Green Party as a result of the international and national platform and a life ling desire to become politically active in a substantial way.

I would like to see the Green party become a genuine third party taking the center of the voting block (Those voters who are neither stanchly Democrat or Republican). Please review the attached CV for a better understanding of the talents and experience I can bring to the party.

Curriculum Vitae -

Master Candidate University of North Texas Aug 2009-present
B.A. Anthropology UC Berkeley May 2009
A.A. General Studies Monterey Peninsula College May 2006
Nondestructive testing Hutchinson Technical College 1990 & 1991
General Equivalency Degree US Army, Camp January 1987

Volunteer Experience
Albany Children Center Oct 2009 - Present
President of the Parent Committee
Albany-Berkeley YMCA Dec 2009- Present
Vice Chair of the Policy Council
Student Representative for the following MPC Shared Governance Committees:
- Facilities Committee Fall 2003-Spring 2004
- College Council Spring 2004-Spring 2006
- College Center Planning Committee Fall 2003-Spring 2005
- Sign Committee Ad Hoc
- Presidential Hiring Committee Jan 2006-April 2006
Student Government:
- Associate Justice Fall 2003-Spring 2004
- Student President Fall 2004-Spring 2005
- Student Trustee Fall 2005-Spring 2006
Okpo Orphanage, Koja Korea March 2000- Dec 2000
English teacher
Apple Valley Unified School District, Apple Valley, CA 1996-1997
One-on-one reading help for children at risk of falling behind their peers

Nellie Irons Orr Scholarship 18 May 2005
Leticia Boundey Re-Entry Scholarship 18 May 2005
Gentrain Society Scholarship 18 May 2005
Sylvia Panetta Scholarship 18 May 2005
UC Berkeley Parent Scholarship 2006-2009
Recognitions and Awards
Certificate of Merit
Equal Opportunity Programs and Services of MPC May 20, 2005
In recognition of my efforts to implement a program to provide student services in Spanish to include education and registration information.
Certificate of Recognition
Equal Opportunity Programs and Services of MPC May 26, 2006
In recognition of my efforts as a Student Trustee.
Best Verbal Presentation
2006 International Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center, Remote Operated Underwater vehicle competition.
NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory/Johnson Space Center May 2006

Management Experience
Gesinger Quality Inspection July 2003 - Present
- Provided home inspections for realtors and private home owners
- Maintained a number of residential rental units
- Provided small scale residential construction and maintenance services
- Hired, trained and employed various personnel
Gesinger Quality inspection - Industrial Inspection Sept 1991- Jan 2003
- Lead QA inspector, performing a number of project management tasks for a number of government agencies
- Review and approval of all QA, QC, NDT, production logistics data
- Qualification review of up to 150 welders, inspectors and production personnel
- Conducted audits of production facilities and documentation
- Train and monitor additional inspection personal
- Approval and auditing of welding and operator procedures
- Tracking welder efficiency providing progress reports
- Developing and approving various testing procedures and equipment; Metallurgical, Ultrasonic, Radiographic, Magnetic particle, and Liquid penetrate
Professional Certifications
American Welding Society
- Certified Welding Inspector # 09090931 2009- 2012
- Certified Welding Inspector # 97060881 1996- 2003
American Society for Nondestructive Testing
- Liquid Penetrate Testing level II –ASNDT SNT-TC-1A 1992
- Magnetic Particle Testing level II –ASNDT SNT-TC-1A 1993
- Ultrasonic Testing level II – ASNDT SNT-TC-1A 1994
- Radiographic Testing level II - ASNDT SNT-TC-1A & MIL-STD-410 1995
National Association of Home Inspectors
- Residential home Inspector # 20022837 Oct 2002

Research Experience
University of North Texas - Denton County Health Department Aug 09-Dec 09
Participated in a research project with 12 other students examining the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of the general population as they relate to swine flu.
- Conducted and transcribed two individual interviews and one focus group
- Coded into Atlas social science software program
- Analyzed all interviews and focus groups specific
- Presented a written and oral report
University of California Berkeley Anthropology BA Honors – Spirituality and healthcare (IRB# 2008-7-41) May 08-Aug 09
As part of an honors program with the UC Berkeley Anthropology Department, I designed and conducted an examination of how the medical profession shaped the religious beliefs and practices of the clinician and how they practice medicine.
- Conducted a literature review
- Designed the research
- Completed Human Subjects Review Process
- Recruited and interviewed subjects
- Provided a written analysis of the findings
University of California Berkeley Anthropology Dept Ethnographic Methods – “Perceptions and behaviors of AC Transit Operators” Aug 06-Dec 06
A semester long study to examine how bus drivers behaved towards passengers and how they were perceived to have behaved by the passengers.
- Conducted a literature review
- Designed the research
- Recruited and interviewed subjects
- Provided a written analysis of the findings
City of Berkeley Public Health Community Health Worker May 08- Sept 09
Conducted in-home assessments of Asthma sufferers to assess the resources needed to manage their asthma.
- Provided the initial research and draft of an asthma home assessment program
- Developed internal protocol procedures and forms
- Assisted in the training of asthma community health workers
- Provided follow-up evaluations, data entry and narrative reports
- Reviewed data, information and materials on effective policies

Computer Proficiency
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Quickbooks and Atlas (Social science analysis)
Grant Writing Experience
City of Berkeley Public Health Department May 2008- Sept 2009
Volunteer Intern
- Designed a grant funding Asthma Community Health Workers
- Designed a project proposal, goals and objectives
- Presented final findings to the grantee
Additional Professional training
Social and Behavioral Research - Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative
American Lung Association - Breath Well Live Well Facilitator Training Workshop
City of Oakland - Community Homebuyer Education Program
National Center for Healthy Housing - Healthy Home Practitioners Training