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Green Party backs lawsuit against nation's big power suppliers

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California and 7 other states sue over emissions

SACRAMENTO ? The Green Party of California ? claiming even more shouldbe done ? voiced its support today for a lawsuit by California andseven other states against the nation's five largest power suppliersfor emitting global warming greenhouse gases.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday, is thought to be the first major legalaction against such companies in an effort to combat emissions whichscientists say will change the world's climate and lead to threats tothe economy and the environment.

"All energy sold in the state should be produced using renewable,non-polluting resources - beginning at 20 percent in the coming yearand increasing the percentage each year until all energy consumed inour state is produced in an environmentally sound fashion.," addedJohn Crockford, Assembly candidate (29th District, Fresno).

"This lawsuit would not be necessary if the power suppliers of thiscountry recognized their moral responsibility in safeguarding theenvironment. The only way to satisfy our power needs is to conserveenergy and promote clean, renewable energy sources," said Assemblycandidate Tom Hutchings (33rd District, San Luis Obispo).

And, 50th Congressional District (San Diego) candidate Gary Waayers,noted that the courts are necessary because "our nation's leaders donot want to offend the energy companies. We need to implement aManhattan-style project on a hydrogen based fuels generated byrenewable energies to drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions."

In California, greenhouse gases can be blamed for more smog, morewildfires, a dwindling state water supply that will lead to diminishedwater supplies but also more flooding in the Central Valley, said thestate lawsuit.

The powerplants sued include those in Cincinnati, Atlanta,Minneapolis, Knoxville and Columbus. They own about 200 power plantsin the U.S. responsible for nearly 650 tons of carbon dioxideannually, or about one-quarter of the electric industry's yearlydischarges. In addition to California, the states of Connecticut,Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin havesigned onto the action.

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