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Tom Hutchings runs for Assembly

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California faces a fiscal and political crisis
California enfrenta una crisis política y fiscal
Dear Dennis Kucinich
Prop 54 is racist and dumb
Tom Hutchings runs for Assembly
Form and Function
On the "Progressive Democrat", and their threat to progressives
Military Recruiters: Stop marketing war to our children
Stay Green!
New Way of Thinking Needed
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Book review: Once upon a time in the future
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Voters in the 33rd Assembly District in San Luis Obispo will have a chance to vote for a Green.

Reported by Staff

San Luis Obispo---In November, voters in the 33rd Assembly District will be able to vote for Tom Hutchings, who has the support of Green Parties in both San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. Hutchings currently works with the AIDS Support Network, and for the past two years has been a Commissioner with the San Luis Obispo Human Relations Commission. Hutchings depth of experience includes being a Peace Officer/Youth Counselor for seven years, a licensed real estate broker, and small business owner. His first entry into politics won him election to the Hemet City Council in 1980.

Drawing from his Vietnam war-time experience in the Air Force, Hutchings is deeply concerned about the toll taken by armed conflicts. Commissioner Hutchings introduced a resolution opposing preemptive military action against Iraq, a resolution which was passed by the City of San Luis Obispo in January 2003. For more information, please see www.votetom.org .

Reported by staff

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