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Turning the Green Party Black in 2003
Green candidates win fifty percent of local races
State election analysis presents challenges to Party growth
Whither To Grow?
Greens grow as a state force in California politics
PATRIOT Act takes US to McCarthyism, and beyond
Green Party of the U.S. Opposes Iraqi Invasion
Multiparty political system needed now
UCD Campus Greens take leading role in upgrading democracy
Endorsements matter in City Council race
Editorial: FAQ - What Does it Mean to Vote Green?
Editorial: Fear of the 'enemy' masks the danger within
Review: The War on Freedom - How and Why America was Attacked September 11, 2001
News Clips
International greens make gains - Green state legislature slate results - California Green archives - San Diego development proposal

Collected by the staff

International Greens make gains

Greens around the world have been encouraged by the noticeable increase in voters’ confidence in Green parties. The past year marked substantial gains for Greens in other parts of the world.

Germany. The German Green Party hit the news worldwide by winning nearly 9% and giving the extra boost that Gerhard Schroeder needed to win back his seat in government. The two fundamental themes of Green politics in Germany, the environment and anti-militarism, are the elements that seem to have pushed their support to new heights.

Brazil. The Green Party of Brazil, for the first time, had five federal and a number of state representatives elected to office.

Australia. Greens won the seat of Cunningham in the House of Representatives (lower house) of Australia’s national parliament. This was the first new party in 50 years to win election to the House.

Sweden. Before the general elections, opinion polls had claimed the Swedish Greens would not make it into Parliament again. Against the odds, and with two newly elected party speakers, Milj?partiet stayed in Parliament with results slightly up to 4.6%, giving the Greens 17 seats.

Latvia. The coalition of Latvian Greens and the Farmers’ Party obtained nearly 10% of the votes in the October elections, thus obtaining 12 MPs in a Parliament of 100 MPs. Negotiations are in process to determine if the Latvian Greens will get the Ministry of Environment.

Nepal. The present government in Nepal is the government of national representations. In November, Mr. Kuber Prasad Sharma (Chairman, High Command of Green Nepal Party) was appointed as Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Aviation in the Cabinet of His Majesty’s Government of Nepal led by the Prime Minister Mr. Lokendra Bahadur Chand.

Reported by Anne Goeke, International Committee, GPUS

Greens running for State Legislature

Arcata resident, nature photographer and environmental educator, Doug Thron received the second highest mark ever for a state or federal legislative race in California, receiving 11.5% for State Assembly District 1, Humboldt/Mendocino Counties. (The all time high is by Joe Desist with 13% in District 63, San Bernardino County, in 1992.) In San Mateo county, national Green Party Steering Committee member Jo Chamberlain received 9.9% running in State Assembly District 19 on a platform of universal health care, living wage, renewable energy and campaign finance reform. Next door in Santa Clara County, Warner Bloomberg received 18.4% in a two-way race in District 23.

California. The California Green Archives is a growing collection of materials related to the global green movement. Founded in 1991 by volunteer archivist Hank Chapot, the archives will eventually be deposited at a public institution. The collection includes the founding documents of the Green Committees of Correspondence (1984), as well as campaign literature, platform discussions, meeting minutes, newsletters, press clippings, posters, recordings, videos, buttons and bumper stickers.

See online finder’s guide at: cagreens.org/archives. Materials accepted at: 575 - 58th St Oakland CA 94609. Donations for support of the archives are appreciated. Make checks to the “San Francisco Green Community” with “California Green Archives” in the memo field, and mail to: S.F. Green Community c/o B. Traynor - 2940 16th St. #314, SF, CA 94103. Donations are tax deductible.

Reported by Hank Chapot, Oakland, collector of Green arcana. hchapot@igc.org, 510.654.5311

Chula Vista, San Diego County

On December 7, more than 200 citizens expressed their concerns and wishes to the City Council and Pacifica Companies on the proposal for developing the Mid Bayfront, the last developable parcel on San Diego Bay. A coalition formed by South Bay Greens, Environmental Health Coalition, Baykeepers Foundation, Sierra Club, and Audubon Club had canvassed the community urging residents to attend. Residents expressed desires to use the parcel for wildlife refuge, parks, skate park and active sports facilities, and a conference center styled after the Asilomar Center on the Monterrey Peninsula. No one spoke in favor of the mixed-use development (hotel, retail, residential) as proposed by Pacifica Companies, which will endanger the Sweetwater National Wildlife Refuge and sensitive inter-tidal mudflat habitats. Developer Ash Israni said he was overwhelmed at the number of citizens who turned out to show their interest. He said he had never seen anything like this before. A follow-up meeting was scheduled.

Reported by Lupita Jimenez, Chair, South Bay Greens

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