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Green City, Part I: Remedial environmentalism is so 20th Century!
By Kevin McKeown
With two Greens on its City Council, including a former Mayor and current Mayor pro tem, Santa Monica has committed itself to avoiding environmental damage, not just cleaning up after it.

California faces a fiscal and political crisis
By Peter Miguel Camejo
Candidate for Governor calls for a balanced budget, no cutbacks in education or health care, fair taxes and fair elections.

California enfrenta una crisis política y fiscal
By Peter Miguel Camejo
En espanol: Candidate for Governor calls for a balanced budget, no cutbacks in education or health care, fair taxes and fair elections.

Dear Dennis Kucinich
By Kenny Mostern
Green Party organizer and political consultant responds to the Democratic candidate's letter to CommonDreams.org

Prop 54 is racist and dumb
by Howard Chong
Passage of Prop. 54 will hinder sociological analyses based on race and ethnicity and is the first step to eliminating Affirmative Action.

Tom Hutchings runs for Assembly
Reported by Staff
Voters in the 33rd Assembly District in San Luis Obispo will have a chance to vote for a Green.

Form and Function
By Kamran Alavi
The Consensus Process used within the Green Party addresses conflicts, and allows for majority rule as well as assimilation of minority desires

On the "Progressive Democrat", and their threat to progressives
By Christopher Dwyer
An opinion piece on how progressive Democrats will not be able to effect real change within the Democratic Party.

Military Recruiters: Stop marketing war to our children
By Craig Peterson
"No Child Left Behind Act" of 2001 requires that all secondary schools provide the military with access to a student's private information.

Stay Green!
By Susan King
Campaigns and Candidates group co-chair calls for Greens to stay registered Green through 2004 to focus on our long-term goals of building a viable progressive party

New Way of Thinking Needed
By Randy Potter
Survival of species requires quantum leap of imagination to overcome the manipulation of our fears to further the conservative agenda.

Book review: "The Candidate's Handbook"
by Warren Bloomberg
Interested in running for office? The Candidate's Handbook provides non-partisan help for both novice and seasoned campaigners.

Book review: Once upon a time in the future
By Kim Stanley Robinson
Author urges citizen activists to reach for Sci Fi when envisioning utopian 'green futures'

Recall FAQ
Compiled by editor Laura Wells
Recall and real democracy-the editors answer frequently asked questions

Letters to the Editor
by California Greens
Any Democrat will do - Criminal in the house - One party fo ideas - Run against 'blue dog'

News Clips
Collected by the staff
Board President Gonzalez enters SF mayoral race - Greens 'out' for Pride - 'Engage!' your talents - The issue is democracy, not the 'terminator' - Tribal leader appointed to Desert Advisory Council - SAC mobilizes to fight corporate agriculture

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