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Turning the Green Party Black in 2003
By Donna J. Warren with Jonathan David Farley, D.Phil.
The Greens aren’t just a bunch of Chardonnay-swilling tree-hugging white liberals. We have the policies to reach out to black voters, but we still need to do more.

Green candidates win fifty percent of local races
By Mike Feinstein and Greg Jan
If Greens are famous for thinking globally and acting locally, then local government growth offers hope for California Greens.

State election analysis presents challenges to Party growth
By Larry Shoup and Mike Feinstein
All seven Greens who ran for statewide office in 2002 finished at or above the previous high. Why did some do better than others?

Whither To Grow?
By Stuart Bechman from the GROW working group
The Green Party of California is launching a voter registration campaign with the goal of doubling registration by 2004.

Greens grow as a state force in California politics
By Mike Feinstein and Greg Jan
In 2002, California Greens ran a “slate” for all seven statewide partisan constitutional offices, and experienced record success.

PATRIOT Act takes US to McCarthyism, and beyond
By Anne Weills
Since the September 11 attacks, the Bush Administration and Congress have enacted a series of Executive Orders, regulations, and laws that have already seriously undermined civil liberties.

Green Party of the U.S. Opposes Iraqi Invasion
By the International Committee of the Green Party of the United States
The Green Party of the United States is adamantly opposed to President George W. Bush's plans to continue and expand military operations against Iraq.

Multiparty political system needed now
By Kelly Ferguson
A system that allows multiple parties to compete effectively will better represent the populace, reduce voter apathy, and will broaden ever narrowing platforms.

UCD Campus Greens take leading role in upgrading democracy
By Matthew Stewart, Campus Greens, UC Davis
The Green Party at UC Davis has proposed the “Choice Voting” Amendment for this February’s student ballot to change the way UCD students elect their campus representatives.

Endorsements matter in City Council race
By Green Focus staff
In Santa Monica today three Greens hold elected office, and at 2%, the city has the highest Green registration south of Ojai in Southern California.

Editorial: FAQ - What Does it Mean to Vote Green?
Compiled by editor Laura Wells.
Questions about why to register and vote Green and how to change the political system.

Editorial: Fear of the 'enemy' masks the danger within
by Karine Megerdoomian
In these troubled times, Green Party and coalition activism was able to secure a major victory in San Diego: the INS has released all lawful immigrants and allowed them to return to their families on Christmas.

Review: The War on Freedom - How and Why America was Attacked September 11, 2001
Book review by Carol Brouillet
Piercing the smoke and mirrors of misinformation, this book calmly, carefully, meticulously examines the facts and evidence of the “crime of the century”, and documents the clear need for a real, open, public inquiry of 9-11.

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International greens make gains - Green state legislature slate results - California Green archives - San Diego development proposal

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