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Green Party needs to stay out in front on same-sex marriage issue

By Shane Que Hee

The ban on same-sex marriage, Proposition 8, passed in California with a 4 percent margin (492, 830 votes) and this win spawned a nationwide reaction by LGBTs.

In fact, the Green Party of California (GPCA) platform has supported same-sex marriage since its establishment in 1992 and the National Green Party since the Nader Presidential campaign of 2000.

However, even support by the Green Party and other coalitions could not outlast the $26 million funneled into backing the YES vote on 8.

Despite an early poll stating that Prop 8 was winning there was little outreach to grassroots and potential allies like Latinos and African Americans right from the start.

Obama's negative position on gay marriage stated in a Presidential Debate was publicized by YES on 8, but not his opposition to Prop 8.

There was little get-out-the NO on 8 vote_the NO on 8 volunteers were used as poll booth voter watchers and Democratic Party poll booth cheerleaders.

The fallout from the passage of Prop 8 in California continues into 2009. Attorney General Jerry Brown filed a suit to invalidate Prop 8, and filed briefs along with other groups for and against Prop 8.

Representatives of the California Green Party attended the 500-strong Prop 8 Summit at the LA Convention Center in January. Supportive groups were encouraged to continue their educational efforts since all of these were essential to presenting any California Supreme Court decision in the appropriate manner, and to continue to make inroads into homophobia.