Green Party of California

Submission Guidelines

Please submit photos, graphics, and articles. We are the publication of the Green Party of California and our main focus is on issues that are relevant to the Green Party platform and to Californians. We do, however, address national and international issues as well.

The emphasis of Green Focus is on Green issues such as environment, social justice, domestic and foreign policy, the U.S. electoral system, etc. The newspaper is used as a form of communication to Green Party members and as an outreach tool for the general public. Current 'hot topics' for California include analysis of the elections, media, energy, corporate abuses and electoral reform, affordable housing, living wage, Fastrack and FTAA, the prison-industry complex, education, health care, immigrants rights, and U.S. foreign policy. We are also interested in submissions by Green Party activists on local organizing methods. We encourage articles in Spanish.

Send us your...

  • News articles: brief analyses of news developments or Green Party related news -- Maximum of 800 words.
  • Opinion and Analysis articles: a more in-depth analysis of current issues and electoral news, or discussion of Green Party theory -- up to 1000 words
  • Book or Movie reviews: 800 words MAX
  • Cartoons and line art: originals if possible; if digital, 600 dpi at the size they will be used. See Photo Submissions below for more details
  • Photos: originals if possible; if digital, 300 dpi at the size they will be used, in .TIF or .EPS format. See Photo Submissions below for more details

Submission Deadline: The current submission deadline is shown in the About section of these pages

Send submissions and all queries, including Letters to the Editor to or by regular mail to:

Green Focus
PO Box 2828
Sacramento, CA 95812

Email submissions are encouraged.

There are no payments for submissions and the editorial board reserves the right to edit your submissions.

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Photo Submissions

The following additional guildelines pertain to photo submissions

Original photos or art: This is best, if possible.

Digital files can be used if there is enough to work with (either size or resolution, they are both relative, meaning one can be converted to the other but you can't make up what isn't there in the first place). Also, since it is difficult to know what size something needs to be until we do the design, err on the bigger end of things if you can. If digital images or art have to be sized larger than 100% to run in the publication, then their resolution (meaning quality) will be reduced.

Scanned photos should be at 300 dpi at the size they will be used in the publication. So, for example if you send a file that is 200 dpi then we will have to shrink its size down to make up the difference, that is, if the original size sent is large enough to do that.

Line art (drawings, cartoons) should be at 600 dpi at the size they will be used in the publication.

File types should be TIFF (.TIF) for photos (color or grayscale, doesn't matter) or Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS) for vector graphics (e.g. Illustrator, FreeHand). Avoid JPEG (.JPG) if possible. since it is a lossy compression system, meaning every time you compress a digital file using the JPEG format it throws away more information from the file, thus eating away at the quality.

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