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January, 2002 Photo Gallery

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UCLA Welcome Bear

Welcome to UCLA!

Kevin and Ginny

Greens love LA! And Greens love our host committee for organizing such a wonderful plenary!

Tish and Teri

Tish and Teri at the Women's Caucus

John and Pam

John and Pam catch some sun between sessions


Jo rarely gets stressed out

Nanette, Phil and Patrick

Nanette, Phil and Patrick came up from Riverside County

Orval, Jo, Jon and Susan

Orval, Jo, Jon and Susan relax after a busy day

Tian and Friends

Tian and friends

Green Crowd

Greens milling around between sessions

Orange County Folks

Orange County Greens were in the house

Green Crowd

The outdoor sessions were quite popular

Pam and Jo

Pam and Jo showing off the new Women's Caucus t-shirt

Mark and David

Mark and David share some laughs

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