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Instant Runoff Voting Action Page

Long Beach has seen a number of important developments related to Instant Runoff Voting.  The Long beach Greens are sponsoring a campaign to build support for IRV.  Below are resources for more information, and how you can help.

IRV info

IRV saves money, improves voter turnout, reduces the influence of special interests, and is more democratic.  Find out how such a simple change can do so much:

IRV for Long Beach Municipal Elections

IRV could save the City $400,000 or more for every runoff election we eliminate via IRV. Contact the Mayor and your city councilmember (or email them all) and urge them to support Instant Runoff Voting for Long Beach elections.  Ultimately it is up to the voters to decide whether to approve a Charter change and implement IRV. 

The Press Telegram has covered the discussion of IRV and written in favor of it.  Read their editorial from 2007 and coverage from 2009. More articles regarding discussions in 2009 can be found on the Press Telegram's website (link 1 - link 2 - link 3 - link 4), Long Beach Report, and Long Beach Business Journal, and here. 

IRV for Long Beach Community College Elections

LBCC Board Trustee Mark Bowen has requested the Community College consider IRV for their elections, in order to insure the winner has majority support. Please send Mark your appreciation, and let the Board of Trustees know IRV is a great idea and that you want them to approve it. 

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