Long Beach Greens

Maps of Environmental Impacts Affecting Long Beach
(which the City of Long Beach could help fix, but doesn't)


Excess Pollution created by Breakwater
Port Crud

We support reconfiguring the Long Beach breakwater, to allow natural surf to restore our shore, bring waves and tourism back to Long Beach and allow natural tidal cycles to rebalance our sand depletion.  We can do all this while still while retaining the breakwater in some fashion in order to protect homes from surges.  

Excess Pollution Created by Port/Goods Movement
MATES II AQMD map of pollution in Long Beach

We know that the Port of Long Beach is a large economic engine, however the two ports are the two largest stationary sources of air pollution in California.  The port is expected to grow significantly over the next decade with dire implications for traffic, air pollution, and a host of negative economic and environmental impacts.  The Port of Long  Beach must reduce these impacts continuously until they are reduced to acceptable levels. Click on the image above for more information regarding the AQMD's MATES studies. 


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