Gayle McLaughlin

City of Richmond
Contra Costa

Gayle McLaughlin was elected Mayor of the City of Richmond on November 7, 2006 and was sworn into office on January 9, 2007. 

Mayor Mclaughlin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, graduating summa cum laude. Her graduate studies include psychology and education. Gayle has a background as an educator, and professional experience in nonprofit leadership organizations promoting literacy, social justice, and environmental health. Gayle has also been involved in nonprofit research and data-driven projects addressing the needs of disadvantaged youth. 
Mayor McLaughlin was born in Chicago, Illinois, into a working class union family. She is the middle child of five daughters. Her father was a carpenter and member of the Carpenter's Union and her mother was a factory worker and a housewife. 
Mayor McLaughlin has lived in Richmond since 2001 and was elected to the Richmond City Council in 2004. Gayle has dedicated her political career to improving the living conditions of all the residents of Richmond. 
As a member of the Richmond City Council, Gayle focused on the core issues that make a difference for all the residents of Richmond. She has worked with residents from every corner of the City to restore our neighborhoods and sense of community. 
As a City Council member Mayor McLaughlin:
  • Brought the Richmond City Council together to require the proper environmental oversight for the toxic Zeneca and UC Field Station sites.
  • Championed the East Bay Regional Park District’s purchase of Breuner Marsh for Richmond residents.
  • Co-sponsored an initiative repealing the 12-year practice of allowing Chevron to self-permit, self-inspect, and self-certify its own projects.
  • Opposed the toxic crematorium proposed for North Richmond.
As a council member Mayor McLaughlin served as chair of the Rules and Procedures Committee and as a liaison to the Arts and Culture Commission, the Recreation and Parks Commission, and the Library Commission.