Proposal Title: Establish Bylaws for the GPCA Media Standing Committee

Sponsor: Media Sub-Committee of the Communications Standing Committee

Presenters: Erika McDonald, 415-337-1499,; Tom Bolema, 661-943-0676,

Subject: Separate the Media Sub-Committee from the Communications Standing Committee; Establish the Media Standing Committee of the GPCA

Background and Purpose: The Communications Standing Committee is made of three subcommittees, which address official GPCA communication tasks: Media, IT and Clearinghouse. The GPCA General Assembly created the Communications Committee by consensus more than two years ago. Since then, the three groups have grown to perform separate duties, budgets and workplans.  They now have distinctly separate tasks and functions.

This proposal separates the Media Sub-Committee from the Communications Standing Committee, and adopts amended bylaws 7-4.2 (below) for the Media Standing Committee.  Bylaws 7-7 establish the Media Standing Committee. The Bylaws Committee reviewed and affirmed the drafting of these bylaws.

Proposal: Establish Bylaws for the GPCA Media Standing Committee, following the separation of the Media Sub-Committee from the Communications Standing Committee.

Section 7-7. Media Standing Committee

7-7.1 Duties and Authority

The Media Standing Committee is charged with facilitating all GPCA communications with media outlets. The Media Standing Committee will develop and distribute media releases that express appropriate GPCA positions in accordance with the GPCA platform; coordinate press conferences around significant party figures and issues; draft and distribute notifications of significant, newsworthy events relevant to party figures, platforms and growth. The Media Standing Committee serves under the direction of the General Assembly of the GPCA and the Coordinating Committee.

The Media Standing Committee assists local chapters of the GPCA to develop media resources.

7-7.2 Membership

The Media Standing Committee is a standing committee that will have up to 8 members, in accordance with bylaws 6-1.4. Co-Coordinators are selected in accordance with bylaws 6-1.9.

Ex Officio Members

The Green Party of California's Press Secretary and designated Spokespeople are non-voting ex officio members of the Media Committee.   

7-4.2 Platform Research and Interpretation

The Platform Committee shall identify issues not in the platform, and suggest and formulate platform planks with substantial input from appropriate experts in the field. The Platform Committee shall also assist the General Assembly, the Coordinating Committee, and the Media Committee with formulating positions or statements on issues or initiatives related to official platform positions.

Committee Decision:  The acting Media Standing Committee approved this proposal by consensus. The Bylaws Committee was also consulted, and approved the bylaws amendments by consensus.

Timeline: Proposal approval at December 4-5 2004 GPCA General Assembly; Media Standing Committee is ongoing.

Resources: The GPCA General Assembly previously approved the Media Standing Committee budget and workplan. This proposal seeks no additional resources beyond existing GPCA procedure.