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Green Party of California

Green city council votes for cop car hybrids as Bush Administration cops-out of world greenhouse emissions Kyoto Treaty

For immediate release: Friday, Feb. 18, 2005

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SEBASTOPOL, Ca. (February 18, 2005) – The Green Party of California roundly criticized the decision by the Bush Administration this week for its withdrawal from the Kyoto protocol.

But maybe greenhouse emissions will drop just a little bit more thanks to a Green Party-led city council in Sebastopol which sprung for hybrid cars for their cops.

The Sebastopol City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to purchase two hybrid vehicles for its police department – the police chief gets a spanking new Ford SUV hybrid, and parking enforcement gets a more modest Toyota Prius hybrid. The two vehicles will average more than 40 miles–per-gallon.

"Our city has pledged to reduce our green house gas emissions by a minimum of 30 percent. This purchase of hybrid vehicles is a significant step toward that goal," said Sam Pierce, a Green Party member on the Sebastopol City Council.

"Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this decision is that it is supported by the police chief, and city manager. We are all committed to addressing the most critical challenge of our time, global climate change," added Pierce, one of three Greens on the five-person council.

As part of a citywide goal of reducing polluting emissions by 30 percent within three years, Sebastopol has adopted a policy requiring the city council to approve the purchase of any city vehicle that is not zero, ultra-low or low emission.

Pierce, meanwhile, explained that the world's environment would benefit from the rules under the Kyoto protocol that went into effect Wednesday. The 141 nations – except for the U.S. – have agreed to reduce greenhouse gases by an average of 5.2 percent below 1990 levels. Those countries account for about 55 percent of total greenhouse emissions.


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