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Next Monthly Meeting:  Thursday,  April 24, 2014, 7 PM
San José Peace and Justice Center

GUEST SPEAKER:  Steve Raney, Principal at Cities21 in Palo Alto ( volunteer), will speak on  "Strategies to Defeat Exxon/Koch: Politics of Federal Climate Legislation". 

1) Political strategies to enact strong federal climate legislation within 36 months (in the face of the overwhelming political power of the fossil fuel industry).
2) Strategies of, Citizens Climate Lobby, and Environmental Defense.
3) Professor Erica Chenoweth’s dataset of past international citizen movements shows that when 3.5% of a country’s population (11 million pro-climate Americans) is actively involved in a movement, 80% of those movements achieve their objectives. 


Our primary foci currently are (a) environment, including, and (b) universal health care.  We are also involved in many other things including citizen-funded elections and news, without which progress on any other issue is virtually impossible

Monthly Meetings
We usually meet on the fourth Thursday of the month at the San Jose Peace Center at 7:30 pm with informal discussions at 7 pm. The San Jose Peace Center is at 48 South 7th Street in San Jose between Santa Clara and San Fernando Streets.

Our next monthly meeting will be 

VTA bus routes 22, 23, 64, and 522 serve Santa Clara St.  Routes 63, 64, 72, 73 and 81 serve San Fernando St.  Routes 63 and 81 end on 7th St. diagonally across from the Peace Center.  For the latest route maps and schedules, see

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Help support the efforts of the Green Party of Santa Clara County. Remember, the Green Party does not accept donations from corporations nor any PAC funding. We rely entirely on individual donations. Thus we ask for your donation.
You can donate either by check made out to and mailed to

The Green Party of Santa Clara County
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Aid To Gaza

2008 Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney was one of the passengers aboard the Spirit of Humanity ship that was bringing humanitarian goods to the Gaza Strip. The ship was stopped and boarded by Israeli military forces. Cynthia and 20 other passengers were arrested and taken to Israeli jails.

Cynthia was the Green Party candidate for president in 2008.     More on the 2008 campaign below.

June 30 jailed
July 7 released
July 15 Cynthia enters Gaza as a member of the
caravan led by British MP George Galloway

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Peace Rallies
Members of the Green Party of Santa Clara County were present at the Peace March and Rally in Palo Alto on March 18th 2006 and again on March 17th 2007 where Green Party member Mike Fischetti spoke on behalf of the Green Party of Santa Clara County.
Here is what he had to say

The Green Party of Santa Clara county was also present at the rally in Backesto Park in San Jose where Fernando Suarez del Solar and two mothers of soldiers who died in Iraq spoke after completing a 15 mile march through Latino neighborhoods of San Jose.

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Green Party Tables at March 20, 2005 Peace March


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