Lauren Sinott, Application for Coordinating Committee

Name - Lauren Sinnott
City - Point Arena
County - Mendocino
Contact -

To whom it may concern,
I would like to serve on the Green Party of California's Coordinating Committee as an At-Large member. I am currently approaching the end of a term on the CC, of which I have been a member since April, 2011.
I have been a registered Green since the mid-nineties when I lived in Houston, Texas. I moved to California in 1999 and, of course, registered Green. 
I have held elective office, serving on the Point Arena City Council in Mendocino County for three terms and as Point Arena's Mayor from 2008 until 2011.
I served as Dan Hamburg's Campaign Co-Chair in 2009/2010, when he returned to political office and was elected Mendocino County's 5th District Supervisor as a Green, despite sometimes intense pressure from the Democratic Party.
I have served on the Mendocino Council of Governments (MCOG) nearly continuously since 2008 and currently am the countywide At-Large Alternate. MCOG deals with regional transportation planning and construction and allocates a multimillion-dollar budget.
These positions have given a wide experience in governance and administration. Additionally, due to the City of Point Arena's small size, over and above the City Council's normal duties of policy and planning, it was directly responsible for personnel matters such as recruiting, interviewing, hiring, evaluating and dismissal. This has given me experience as an employer which I put to use serving on the GPCA Coordinating Committee's Personnel subcommittee.
I am also the sole proprietor of a small business (Artgoddess Fine Art & Design) and have raised to sons who are just graduating and just entering college (Pomona College and UC Santa Barbara, respectively).
I hope to serve another term on the Coordinating Committee and appreciate your time.