Green in March 2024 Elections

At least five Green Candidates ran in the California's March 5, 2024 elections. Results reported below are with all 20,855 precincts partially reporting. (last updated April 14, 2024, 6:52 pm).

Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement which are determined by the relevant county Green Parties or by the GP-US Presidential Nominating Convention.
Current endorsements are notes as:
* Endorsed by their local county Green Party
** Endorsed by their local county Green Party(s) and a Left Unity Slate member.

Jill Stein

Seeking Green Party's nomination for President of the United States - 15,801 votes (100%).
Write-in votes not available yet.

* Dan Kapelovitz

District Attorney (Los Angeles County) - 17,622 votes (1.2%)

** Shannel Pittman

AD-52, State Assembly (Los Angeles County) - 1,160 votes (1.5%)

** Sean Dougherty

CA-19, U.S. House of Representatives (Santa Cruz County) - 13,080 votes (6.4%)

Chris Richardson

CA-6, U.S. House of Representatives (Sacramento County) - 2,661 votes (1.8%)

Below are the current results for the Left Unity Slate's Peace and Freedom Candidates supported by GPCA:

William Patterson for CA-28 - 3,503 votes (2.2%)
Aaron Reveles for CA-34 - 3,223 votes (4.0%)
John Thompson Parker for CA-37 - 7,316 votes (8.5%)
Kevin Martinez for AD-6 - 1,861 votes (1.8%)
Babar Khan for AD-71 - 2,912 votes (2.6%)
Mohammad Arif (write-in) for AD-32 - results not available