Susan Chunco, Application for Coordinating Committee

Susan Chunco
City: Santa Rosa
County: Sonoma County

I have been active in the Green Party of Sonoma County since 2000, having served as County Council member and Treasurer.  Currently, I'm Assistant Treasurer and County Council member and am also involved locally with the May 1st Coalition, the Committee for Immigrant Rights, the Sonoma County Peace & Justice Center, and the Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez.  At the national level, I serve on the Merchandizing Committee, the National Committee, and Finance Committee.  I have recently joined the GPCA Finance and Budget Committees.
It is important to stay connected with Greens around the country and I subscribe to the National Committee list serve.  It better enables me to understand others' points of view and to diminish some of the bias against CA.  We are a very powerful state and, as such, have a greater responsibility to uphold Green values and reach out to those at the national level who might see us as combatants rather than allies.  It's also important to attend the monthly CA delegate meetings, to discuss current issues and get a feel for how our own state views national GP concerns.
If you have further questions, please contact me.