Maxine Daniel, Application for Coordinating Committee

Maxine Daniel
City: Oakland
County: Oakland

My name is Maxine Daniel and I am submitting my application for the election of a female seat on the GPCA Coordinating Committee.  I have been active with the Green Party since 2005 even though I am a long time Green (since 1992 ). I served 5 years on the County Council of Alameda County and have served the last 3 years on the State Coordinating Committee.  I am now and have always been an advocate for Women's Reproductive Health Care, civil rights, anti-war, racial equality, environmental and social justice issue. An important issue for me is the economics of debt in our society.
I was impressed with the platform and the 10 key values and still believe that the Green Party is worthwhile and needed during this unprecedented times when big money can blatantly buy elections.  During the 3 years I have been on the CC I have been on the Finance Committee and my expectation is to see our State Party finances grow to afford the positions we need. I am a thoughtful listener, critical thinker, calm(most of the time ) honest and willing to do my share of the work within my limitations. 
At this time of my life, I am retired. Have spent time working in mental health and  most recent as an advocate for the elderly regarding issues of homelessness, affordable senior housing and healthcare. 
Thank you for your consideration.