Marnie Glickman, Application for Coordinating Committee

Marnie Glickman
County: Marin

Statement of purpose:  My two goals are to increase Green Party voter registration and to increase the number of qualified Green Party candidates.
Biography of Marnie Glickman:
Marnie Glickman works for organizations and causes the protect the environment and children. She helps people raise money, organize their supporters and earn media coverage.  She has raised more than $10 million and mobilized thousands of volunteers.
Marnie has served in many Green Party leadership roles including co-chair of the Green Party of the United States, managing director of the Green Party of California, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States Platform Committee, co-chair of the Marin County Green Party, delegate to the Green National Committee and delegate to the Global Green Network.  She has advised four Green Party presidential candidates, more than 10 Green Party gubernatorial candidates and more than 100 Green Party local candidates.  In 2013, she decided to walk her talk and run for local office.  Although she earned the endorsements of the Sierra Club and nearly every elected official in her district, she lost her race by less than 400 votes.
Marnie attended Lewis and Clark Law School and Georgetown University.  She lives in San Rafael, CA with her partner and three children.