Alex Shantz, Application for Coordinating Committee

Name - Alex Shanta
City - Napa
County - Napa

My name is Alex Shantz. I am 27, a student, and have been fully committed to the Green Party for the last several years of my life.

My first experience as a political activist was through grassroots affinity groups. Many of these groups were deeply committed to non-hierarchical forms of organizing and consensus decision making processes.    
From 2010 to 2011 I served as president of the Associated Students of Napa Valley College (ASNVC) and a single semester in 2012. As president I learned how to effectively work within a committee structure to effectively advocate for public policy change.  
I currently serve as co-coordinator for the Napa County Green Party and a Youth Caucus delegate for the Green Party of the United States National Committee.
I have served on the Green Party of California Coordinating Committee (CC) since July 2011. I have had the privilege to serve as a co-coordinator for the majority of my term. As co-coordinator I have a great record of posting agendas on time, facilitating meetings fairly and effectively, working competently on state standing committees and working groups, and have demonstrated an understanding of party policies, processes, and procedures. My experience with consensus and decentralized organizing prior to joining the Green Party coupled with my experience as ASNVC president has made a strong asset as a facilitator and co-coordinator.    
As a member of the coordinating committee I have always believed that if our party is going to be effective at developing candidates, winning campaigns, and working on external issues, then we must have an internal party infrastructure that is comprehensive and functioning. The critical work of our party occurs within the standing committees and working groups. In order to have a comprehensive and functioning state party our standing committees and working groups need to be operating.    
In the GPCA 2012 to 2014 Strategic Plan, which was approved by the 2012 San Francisco general assembly, the CC identified several key internal organization issues that needed to be addressed to “maintain the state party and its relationships with County Green Parties”. This included formalizing the Internet Technologies Committee, revitalizing the Finance Committee, and recruiting members for state standing committees and working groups. During my service as co-coordinator the first two of these goals have been completed. Beyond that, GIWG and GROW, while in need of more volunteers, have been functioning as a result of my work.  
Furthermore, some of the standing committees and working groups have developed job descriptions for key staff positions. The Media Committee has created a job description for a press secretary, the Finance Committee has created a job description for a fundraiser, and GROW has created a job description for a field organizer. Hiring capable staff for these positions will be critical in order to take our party to the next level. 
In conclusion, there are two key goals which the CC needs to be focusing on in order to be an effective administrative body: 
1. Volunteer recruitment for the standing committees and working groups and
2. Hiring capable people to fill our staff positions. 
The current CC has done a great job building a solid framework to move the party forward. Looking ahead, our party needs a CC that can build off this framework by recruiting volunteers and hiring staff. Doing so will allow the party to raise funds, get press coverage, register more Greens, activate new county councils, develop candidates, and work on the critical issues of our time.  
I appreciate your support and look forward to serving you on the CC for another term.