Coordinating Committee minutes, January 29th, 2012

Coordinating Committee Retreat Agenda
San Mateo, California, Sunday, January 29, 2012
10am to 4pm

1. Welcome and setup, roll call, quorum check 
Coordinating Committee members present (10): Victoria Ashley (East Bay), Marla Bernstein  (at-large) - arrived at 11:05am, Warner Bloomberg (Silicon Valley),  Maxine Daniel (at-large); Sanda Everette (at-large), Mike Feinstein (Los Angeles),  Barry Hermanson (San Francisco), Tim Laidman (at-large), Stevie Luther (at-large), Alex Shantz (North Bay) 
Coordinating Committee members not present (7):  Dave Heller (at-large), Matt Leslie (Orange/Riverside/San Bernardino), Nancy Mancias (at-large), Lauren Sinott (at-large), Jeff Quackenbush (San Diego), Michael Rubin (at-large), Kate Tanaka (at-large)

Coordinating Committee alternates present (1): June Brashares (North Bay)

Quorum: Quorum reached at 11am with 9/17 present:  Ashley,  Bloomberg, Daniel, Everette, Feinstein, Hermanson, Laidman, Luther, Shantz. 
Facilitator: June Brashares (approved by consensus)
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein (approved by consensus)
Time keeper: Stevie Luther (approved by consensus)
Vibes Watcher: Tim Laidman (approved by consensus)
Agenda approved by consensus

2) Approve minutes of Coordinating Committee meeting, January 28

Approved by Consensus, Bloomberg stand aside

3) Establish General Assembly Hardship Travel Policy

Proposal: That the CC establish the following Nancy Broyles General Assembly Hardship Travel Subsidy policy:

General Assembly Hardship Travel Subsidies shall be made available for each GPCA General Assembly for low-income General Assembly delegates, co-coordinators of GPCA working groups and committees and CC members. Requests must be submitted to the GPCA Treasurer in writing, which includes email. GPCA members are asked to honor this system and only make fund requests if they are in need. Members who receive funds from a working group or committee are required to disclose the dollar figure they will receive. Allocations will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis and shall be awarded in time for attendees to purchase an airline ticket with at least two weeks advance purchase.

Subsidies shall be based upon the distance to travel as follows:

For meetings in Northern California

- Individuals coming from the following regions (SD-Imp, ORSB, LA, may receive up to $125) - Individuals coming from the following regions (Central, Central Coast, Emerald, may receive up to $75. - Individuals coming from the following regions (East Bay, Monterrey Bay, North Bay, San Francisco, Silicon Valley) may receive up to $50

For meetings in Southern California

- Individuals coming from the following regions (East Bay, Emerald, Monterrey Bay, North Bay, San Francisco, Silicon Valley) may receive up to $125 - Individuals coming from the following regions (Central, Central Coast may receive up to $75) - Individuals coming from the following regions (SD-Imp, ORSB, LA, may receive up to $50)

Result: Presenters chose to take concerns and bring back to the February 6 CC conference call: Heard concerns about mileage vs. region, requiring more clarity about financial need, tying travel stipend to amount spent, whether eligibility for stipend should be solely up to the GPCA Treasurer, about promoting transport other than airline tickets, about providing ability to skype into meetings; should stipend be based upon reimbursement or provided in advance; that advance purchase also makes difference in trains, buses ticket and doesn't address affordability of registration fees/waivers.  


Proposal: That the CC propose funding of $1200 per General Assembly in FY2012-2013 for General Assembly Hardship Travel Subsidies. That such funds not be considered in the budget as part of the costs needed to be covered by income from General Assemblies and not be calculated into the profit/loss of each, but exist as a stand alone budget line. That an option to donate directly to this fund be included on the registration page for each General Assembly.

Result: Presenters agreed to have this discussion during the CC FY2012-13 Work Plan and Budget Proposals discussion.


4) Spring General Assembly

Proposal: That the CC establish a location and date for the spring General Assembly - in San Francisco on the weekend of either May 12/13 or May 19/20. 

Approved by Consensus

Appointment: That the CC make appointments to the State Meeting Planning Committee. 

- Brashares
Approved by Consensus
- Everette
Approved by Consensus
- Feinstein
Approved by Consensus
- Hermanson
Approved by Consensus
- Laidman
Approved by Consensus
- Shantz
Approved by Consensus

5) Fall Gathering

Proposal: That the CC put out a request for proposals for a northern and southern California retreat in July/August/September (that would not conflict with the GPUS Presidential convention on July 14th) that would include potential venues and costs to the state party for consideration by the CC at its March 5th teleconference.

Approved by consensus


6) Election Rules related items - 2012 Presidential Ballot Line (item moved up to hear before lunch)

Proposal (Brashares): That the CC inform the GPCA Liaison to the Secretary of State that it is the CC's intention that the Liaison communicate the following to the California Secretary of State:

- that the GPCA's role in advising the Secretary of State was fulfilled by communicating the decision of the December GPCA General Assembly and at this point, no other recommendations are expected to be made by the GPCA; and

- that the Elections Code states that the Secretary of State has the following role: "6720. The Secretary of State shall place the name of a candidatupon the Peace and Freedom Party presidential preference ballot when the Secretary of State has determined that the candidate is generally advocated for or recognized throughout the United States or California as actively seeking the presidential nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party or the national party with which the Peace and Freedom Party is affiliated." and therefore we believe that it is up to the SoS to make a determination based upon this Section of the code (; and


- that the GPUS committee responsible for determining that recognition is the GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee, which is found here (; and

- that if you are not clear what the determination of the GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee is, that you can contact Jared Laiti about it.

Yes: Ashley, Bernstein, Bloomberg, Daniel, Everette,  Hermanson, Laidman, Luther, Shantz. 
No: Feinstein

Proposal passed 8-1-0


7) CC FY2012-13 Work Plan and Budget Proposals

Proposal: That the CC submit the following draft CC budget to the Budget Committee


Two General Assemblies: $6,900

- site  @ $1000/meeting - $2,000

- food @ $1000/meeting - $2,000

- video @ $125/meeting = $250

- minutes taker @ $250/meeting = $500

- CC Friday night dinner @ $100/meeting = $200

Nancy Broyles General Assembly Hardship Travel Subsidy @ $1000/meeting - $2,000


Gatherings (north/south)


- site @ $500/gathering = $1000

- food @ $300/gathering = $600

Insurance: $1,000

Annual Coordinating Committee Retreat: $400

Legal Consultation: $1,000

Total Expenses: $10,900



General Assembly income from registration fees - @ $2000 meeting = $4,000

Gatherings income from registration fees - @ $500/gathering  = $1,000


Approved by Consensus



8) Review and amend the Personnel Policy

Proposal: This proposal supersedes any conflicting provision of the personnel policy. Staff positions approved as part of the budget approval process are deemed authorized to be filled for SC/WG for which the budget line is approved. The project description and job description shall be developed by the SC/WG and shall be reviewed and approved by the Personnel Committee before a hiring process can be conducted. The SC/WG may then submit its hiring recommendation and the Personnel Committee approves the final hire. The SC/WG may appeal the decision of the Personnel Committee regarding the project description, job description and/or hire to the Coordinating Committee and shall require consensus or a 2/3 vote to overturn the decision of the Personnel Committee.

Approved by Consensus.

Appointment: That the CC review make appointments to the Personnel Committee

Appointments deferred until CC February 6th conference call.

Brashares and Daniel left at 4pm, at which point there was no longer quorum. Discussion continued upon the remaining items, but no decisions were made.

9) Election Rules related items - GPCA primary election ballot statement, GPCA elections code, changes coming to county central committee elections and changes in county council size this year.

- Discussion held, no decisions made.


10) Recommendations to spring General Assembly on CC at-large election rules 

- Discussion held, no decisions made.