Coordinating Committee minutes, July 6, 2015

Coordinating Committee members present (11): Victoria Ashley, Marla Bernstein, Maxine Daniel, Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Sasha Karlik, Tim Laidman, Jesse Moorman, Alex Shantz, Candice Yamaguchi, Rich Zitola
Coordinating Committee members not-present (0): 

Invited Guests, Greens (1): Doug Barnett, Treasurer

Quorum: Quorum reached at 7:37 with seven (7) present: Marla BernsteinMaxine Daniel, Mike FeinsteinSasha Karlik, Alex ShantzCandice YamaguchiRich Zitola

Laidman joined call at 7:38
Everette joined call at 7:45
Moorman joined call at 7:48
Ashley joined call at 8:46

2) Roles

Facilitator: Alex Shantz
Minutes taker: Mike Feinstein
Time keeper: Maxine Daniel
Vibes Watcher: Candice Yamaguchi

Approved by consensus

3) Approval of Agenda 

Proposal (Shantz): Approve agenda as submitted (all items late, requires 2/3 vote for add)

Approved by consensus

4) Decision: Approval of minutes from June 1 Coordinating Committee meeting (Feinstein)

Proposal (Feinstein): Approve with option to fill in timing for late arrivals from phone records 

Approved by consensus

5) Decision: Approval of minutes from San Jose GA for submission to SGA (Feinstein)

Proposal (Feinstein): Delegate final amendments and approval of draft minutes as presented to the State Meeting Planning Committee, for submission to SGA for October/November session

Approved by consensus

6) Decision: Establish 2017 ANM planning sub-committee (Feinstein)

Proposal (Feinstein): That the Coordinating Committee create a 2017 ANM planning sub-committee to begin the planning process to submit an application by spring of 2016 to the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) to host the GPUS 2017 Annual National Meeting, and to make its first report to the September 2015 Coordinating Committee; that the process include outreach to Bay Area Green County Councils to join the sub-committee; identification of potential meeting sites; a statement of strategic goals for how the ANM can benefit the GPCA; developing a strategy to involve interested ANM participants in the GPCA;  indentifying workshops that would benefit GPCA organizing; identifying desired speakers far in advance to ensure their participation; and (2) send a letter to the GPUS ANM Committee informating them of this decision.

Approved by consensus

(one stand aside: Daniel - concern about the decision of the San Jose General Assembly to hold a meeting of the National Latino Caucus in Southern California the week preceding the ANM, as part of the GPCA's proposal

Nominations: Self-nominations for the 2017 ANM Planning Sub-Committee were then taken -

Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Jesse Moorman, Rich Zitola all self nominated

All were approved separately by consensus

6) Discussion Review of San Jose General Assembly and planning for the San Diego General Assembly (Feinstein)

Background: Discussion centered upon review of the San Jose General Assembly and the US Social Forum overall, and a report back on initial interest from San Diego Greens in hosting the General Assembly in January 2016

7) Discussion: Filling CC vacancies from Spring resignations (Feinstein) 

Discussion led to agreement for the Notice of Vacancy to go out and elections held as part of the October/November 2015 SGA session

8)  GPCA Election code (Feinstein) 

A report was made on the 4-0 passage out of the Senate Elections Committee

9) Report: Treasurer (Barnett) 

Barnett forwarded a written copy of his report to the Coordinating Committee email list.

10) Report: Committees 

Reports were heard from committee co-coordinators

11) Report: Working Groups 

Reports were heard from working group liaisons