Agenda and Minutes (draft) - October 2, 2017

To be approved Nov 6th, 2017

7:30 PM @ 9:30 PM

(01) Roll call (2 min)
There are currently 21 committee members. This means quorum is a simple majority of 11.
Victoria Ashley, Alternate Co-Coordinator
Doug Barnett
Marla Bernstein
June Brashares
Eric Brooks
Susan Chunco
Maxine Daniel, Co-Coordinator
Angelica Duenas
Sanda Everette
Mike Feinstein
Sadie Fulton
Mike Goldbeck
Bert Heuer, Co-Coordinator
Tarik Kanaana
Eric Luna
Ann Menasche
Mike Murphy
Mimi Newton
Ajay Rai
Erik Rydberg
Laura Wells
Quorum reached at 7:40 pm (17):  
Victoria Ashley, Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Susan Chunco, Maxine Daniel, Angelica Duenas, Sadie Fulton, Mike Goldbeck, Bert Heuer, Tarik Kanaana, Eric Luna, Ann Menasche, Mimi Newton, Erik Rydberg, Laura Wells
Absent (4):  
Sanda Everette, Mike Feinstein, Mike Murphy, Ajay Rai

(02) Roles (2 min)
      Facilitator: June Brashares
   Minutes taker: Sadie Fulton
      Time keeper: Eric Brooks
   Vibes Watcher: Tarik Kanaana

(03) Approval of agenda (2 min)
*Sponsor*: Mica Daniel, Bert Heuer
*Proposal*: Approve the agenda (draft I on 09/26)

First agenda approved by consensus.
Late agenda items:

Erik Rydberg proposal: spokespeople need to be updated on  (hasn't been updated since April).

Tarik Kanaana proposal: Veterans for Peace on GA agenda.  

Resubmission of Gloria Bram application for Finance Committee (automatically goes on agenda; can go on after Item 12).  

Erik and Tarik's items are proposals to be added -- Erik's item added as #14, after the discussion on Gloria Bram's application. Tarik's item added as item 5b, to be discussed before the GA agenda.
Eric Brooks - confirms we will revisit the agenda?  

Tarik @ yes. This is a very first draft. It will change for timings etc.  

Eric Brooks - Follow-up: does this draft go to counties?

Tarik @ yes. Will go on the website & Inform list.

Veterans for Peace timing: Was it requested or just proposed?

Tarik @ Hadn't specifically requested time, just Saturday morning.

Ann -   would prefer the session on Top Two earlier on the agenda. Sometimes people leave early. Maybe put it on Saturday?  

Tarik @ will be moved around. Suggestions are welcome; please forward to agenda team or to Tarik directly. Will do our best to work with them.

Passed by consensus.

(04) Decision: Approval of prior month's minutes (2 min)

*Sponsor*: Bert Heuer, Mica Daniel
*Proposal*: Approve the minutes for the September 11th meeting as recorded by Mimi Newton
*Reference*: (Appendix Z)

Approved by consensus.

(05) Announcement: Consent Calendar (2 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Co-Coordinator
*Background and Purpose*: The consent calendar is intended to pass non-controversial items or items consensed prior to the actual meeting. Any item may be objected to and that item will be placed at the end of the evening's agenda.
*Proposal*: Accept the following committee reports for inclusion into the meeting minutes

*Item 1*: The following Committee/Working Group reports were submitted and will be included into the meeting minutes:

GROW (Appendix A)
Finance (Appendix B)
CCWG (Appendix C)
Bylaws (Appendix D)
Clearinghouse (Appendix E)

The following committees did not send reports:

IT (an informal report was received)
Campaign Funding Support
State Meeting Planning

*Item 2*: Results of online (yes/no) vote over proposal that Gloria Bram be appointed to the Finance Committee:

Yes: 7
No: 10
Abstain: 0
Total: 17

*Item 3*: Results of online (yes/no) vote over proposal that Sanda Everett be appointed as Liaison to the Media Committee:

Yes: 7
No: 10
Abstain: 0
Total: 17

*Item 4*: Results of online (yes/no) vote over proposal that Brett Dixon be appointed to the IT Committee:

Yes: 13
No: 1
Abstain: 1
Total: 15

The elections closed at midnight on Sept 29th.

Consent calendar approved by consensus.

(05b) Decision: Sponsoring a GA agenda item put together and presented by the Ventura Veterans for Peace (10 min)

*Sponsor*: Tarik Kanaana
*Background and purpose*: The Ventura County Veterans for Peace in coordination Ventura GP has planned to play video of earth anthem, read their mission statement and show a slideshow. This agenda item needs to be sponsored by a committee or WG. Being pro-peace and anti-war is central to who we are as greens and that reaffirming that at a state meeting on a day which is a tribute to war falls within the scope of the CC's duties. 
*Proposal*: The Coordinating Committee sponsors an agenda item put together by Ventura Veterans for Peace on the agenda of the Ventura General Assembly taking place November 11 and 12.

Erik Rydberg offers affirmation. 1/3 of our delegation were veterans. It's a great idea to have GPCA vets get recognized.

Passed by consensus.

(06) Decision: Approval of draft agenda for the Ventura GA (5min)

*Sponsor*: Tarik Kanaana
*Proposal*: Draft Agenda of the November 2017 General Assembly, Ventura, November 11-12, 2017

Eric Brooks confirms we will revisit the agenda? Tarik -yes. This is a very first draft. It will change for timings etc. Follow-up: does this draft go to counties? Yes. Will go on the website & inform list.

Veterans for peace timing. Was it requested or just proposed? -Hadn't specifically requested time, just Saturday morning.

Ann: would prefer the session on top two get earlier on the agenda. Sometimes people leave early. Maybe put it on Saturday? Tarik -will be moved around. Suggestions are welcome; please forward to agenda team or to Tarik directly. Will do our best to work with them.

Passed by consensus.

(07) Decision: Invitation to non-greens to attend the Ventura General Assembly on November 11th & 12th. (10 min)
Sponsor: Tarik Kanaana (on behalf of the GA Planning Committee)

Erik Rydberg checked whether this is a regular request. Tarik clarified it isn't a bylaw, but part of the CC internal procedures, that non-members of the Green Party can only attend with direct invitation from the CC (on our own behalf or on behalf of a committee or county). There may be scope to change this in future. Doug Barnett suggested that Saturday night was for this sort of event, and that a future procedural amendment wasn't necessary. Tarik clarified that Veterans for Peace wanted to present in the morning rather than the evening. The morning slot was approved in a prior agenda item, this one is to ensure that the presenters from Veterans for Peace are actually able to attend the GA.

Approved by consensus.

(08) Decision: Sponsoring a decision item on the Ventura GA agenda regarding a Salton Sea resolution. (5min)
Sponsor: Tarik Kanaana
*Background and Purpose*: The Riverside County Green Party has asked that the CC sponsor a decision item on the Ventura GA agenda regarding a Salton Sea resolution.
*Proposal*: The Coordinating Committee sponsors a decision item on the Ventura GA agenda regarding a Salton Sea resolution.
Approved by consensus.
(09) Decision - Direct GPCA Members with Administrative and Physical Control Over Green Party of California Assets to Turn Such Control Over to GPCA Members with Official Authority to Control Such Assets (10 Minutes)
Mimi: CC has been working for a while to try to enlist the cooperation of a number of individuals, both members of the CC and others, in the transition between various people in control of various assets of the party. Those efforts have not been fruitful. I am proposing that we work quickly to ask for and follow up with potential legal action if these assets of the party are not transitioned to the appropriate authorities within the party.

Doug: The way you control assets is to deal with the provider, the vendor. PayPal, Global Transfer, etc. Our software. Or whatever. It's not something I do, it's something you do. I'm not going to give out my passwords. My passwords are specific to my SSN, specific to my dog's name, specific to the grammar school I went to, etc. If I give a password to a bank account, that's a felony. What Ruscal needs to do for the last two years, what he's failed to do completely, all he's done is complain, is achieve ownership of what this laughable thing is calling assets. In other words, he has to go to global payments and say I am the treasurer of GPCA, here's all my IDs. Here's a letter from the CC. Global Payments will assign him as an owner just like they did for me.

Eric Brooks: Want to affirm that we should pass this, the specifics that Doug is talking about with his particular passwords is one thing, there's a wide variety of passwords to web and financial resources, access to bank accounts etc, that are transferrable and are not being transferred. We need to get this underway. We've been talking about this for months.

Mike Goldbeck: I agree with Doug that we should go to the actual people who are providing the services, the documentation etc. that whoever is in charge is now in charge. To go to the people who are not giving it to you is a waste of time. You don't have to do that. You need official letters from the CC. In that way, the passwords will be changed and access given only to those authorized.

June: On that, a friendly amendment; It says Dear Sirs. Can we use a different term? I would support contacting the folks who have stuff to turn over. Passing this and then reaching out to entities that could be friendly to us, request that this be turned to Bert, Mica, Victoria. They have the authority to have access. Taking this action helps with them. I support it.

Erik Rydberg: Records, anything related to treasurer's position, passwords if there's anything out there that has one, have to go into an institution. That's what I was getting at, to make sure that everything actually gets turned over.

Doug: Everything that the treasurer needs is in the box in Sacramento. They've had it for months. I gave him a data stick that has everything that happened in the last 6/5 years. It's in the box.

Eric Brooks: We've had various bank accounts for the last couple of decades. There are some signers on the bank accounts who used to be treasurer a long time ago. One person is still a signer. That's another thing we need to clear up. All the former signatories need to be removed if they no longer hold official capacity, unless they are approved by the CC. We need to clean that up so we don't have people hanging on the bank accounts for 20 years.

Mimi: I would agree to the friendly amendment for the different salutation, clarifying the passwords being requested are the transferrable ones rather than the personal ones.

Two friendly amendments approved (changing "Sirs" to another salutation and clarifying that passwords are transferrable ones, not personal ones).

Passed by consensus.
(10) Decision: Appointment/Removal of GPCA Bank Account Holders and Signers, and GPCA Bank Account Actions (15 minutes)
*Sponsor*: Victoria Ashley
*Background and Purpose*:
This item has two parts, each with their own proposals:
A. GPCA Bank Account Updates and Actions
B. Appointment/Removal of GPCA Bank Account Holders and Signers
*Proposal (A)*: We are now requesting that the GPCA CC affirm our request for Doug Barnett and Tim Laidman to:
1. Provide the login and passwords for the two Paypal accounts in order to begin the process of transferring those accounts to control by the elected Treasurer.   The process of transferring the Paypal accounts to new ownership will take several days and we are carefully reviewing the interconnections of all of the accounts and services to maintain the business functions of the GPCA.
2. Prepare for and provide account access as necessary to transfer GPCA funds currently in the One United GPCA bank accounts in Los Angeles to the Travis Credit Union account, and finally, to close the One United accounts. This process will begin with a checklist of all GPCA expense and income accounts which are set up with electronic or automatic access to One United and Provident CU.
B.   Appointment/Removal of GPCA Bank Account Holders and Signers
*Proposal (B)*:
a)   Appoint Finance Committee Co-Coordinator Victoria Ashley as a person authorized to sign checks and/or authorize them via the GPCA bank account if/when the Treasurer is not available.
b)   Remove all existing members who currently sign checks and/or authorize them via the GPCA bank account if/when the Treasurer is not available, once the One United account has been closed, and once Ruscal Cayanyang has access to the Provident account, including Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, Tim Laidman, Sanda Everett and Jeanne Rosenmeier.
Victoria: More of a focused thing similar to last item. Focused on bank account. Some of it is an update for the CC so people know what's going on.  

One of the difficulties is that there hasn't been a lot of communication. Tim has given us a lot of information on our finance committee call. Doug and Ruscal and I need to sit down and review everything. It sounds like Doug would rather that we go in and open new things, start new things, go ahead. It's been kind of confusing figuring out which thing is which.  

Given the current situation with the banks -- which is that one of the problems with bank accounts is that they want everybody there in person to sign, and there are 5 people that have the ability to sign -- getting all those people together is a problem, dragging out week after week.  

Its been about 2 months since Ruscal has been officially Treasurer, and he hasn't been able to do anything. So we went ahead and opened up an account at Travis Credit Union.

It sounds like Doug would prefer that we start new PayPal accounts. We're not handing over any logins and passwords @ although passwords can be changed. That's a process we have to figure out. I guess we will go ahead and contact PayPal and tell them that needs to be transferred over. That's part one.

The second one is, it doesn't make sense for us to have OneUnited open in LA when the treasurer is in NorCal. In the future, what we need is to have the new treasurer open an account wherever they are, rather than going through extraordinary measures to hold onto accounts that are not near anyone and have lots of people attached to them.  

Our plan is to move the money from OneUnited up to Travis. Presumably we can leave Providence the way it is, but we still need to transfer everything.  

The other half of the proposal is appointing and removing account holders and signers. Need to remove old signers, get Ruscal on there, add me as a signer as well.

Those are the two main proposals. I'm not sure about the first one, the login for the PayPal could be amended.

June: Let's take it piece by piece. Proposal A1 first. Are there any questions on that one?

Doug: I just covered that. This party needs to go to PayPal and assume ownership. That's a process @ we should have done it two years ago. Historically all the members who sign are CC members, except for Jean and Tim who dropped off. To put it in one hand up in Travis sounds a little crazy to me.

June: I wanted to speak specifically to you on this Doug. On the login and passwords for the PayPal accounts. IF you have a personal password that you use to access the PayPal accounts as the treasurer, not as your own person, it's as the GP that you access it. IF you have a password and a login, it seems you could put a new temporary password so that you're not putting your personal one, and turn that over. And help us fill out the paperwork to have you removed and Ruscal put on. That's what I'm requesting in this case.

Eric Brooks: Not just change the password, but there's' an issue of security questions. You can and should change the security questions, a different question and answer that you can give to Ruscal and Victoria and they could use that new login and SQ. that way you're not putting forward anything that you've used in the past or revealing your mother's maiden name or stuff like that. Once that's done what we really should do is start a new PayPal account for the new bank account and then eventually stop using the old one. WE should use the old one until we ensure the new one is working on the account.

Victoria: All of those, I guess they're all GPCA, have the same EIN number. I don't know if PayPal cares if we open a new account on the same entity. To be aware it would all be GPCA PayPal accounts. That's an interesting idea, open up a third one. There are two already. To some extent it makes sense to start new things and close down the old ones.

Eric Brooks: PayFlow is tricky. It's a merchant's account. Bank or CU usually only lets you have one. There will only be one PayFlow account @ could be tricky to try to transfer.

Doug: outstanding concern. Not willing to stand aside.

Going to a vote. Laura calls roll at 8:31. Motion passes by vote of 15 to 2.

Yes vote: Victoria Ashley, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Susan Chunco, Maxine Daniel, Angelica Duenas, Sadie Fulton, Mike Goldbeck, Bert Heuer, Tarik Kanaana, Eric Luna, Ann Menasche, Mimi Newton, Erik Rydberg, Laura Wells
No vote: Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein

Doug's outstanding concern is that the process that is defined by this motion is contrary to the way PayPal works.

Moving on to Item Two: request to move funds and close One United.

Eric Brooks: we are at time for the entire item. Request for additional time. Approved.

Vic: The details are what we will figure out. It's a winding down process. I'm interested to hear what Doug might want to do about that process. He isn't on email and I don't talk to him much.

Doug: You can either ruin the GP by suing me and going public or by doing nothing, but with the new board the GP is flatlining. I've been 25 years in the air force. Travis Credit Union is the wrong place for the Green Party. I don't know why we bother. One United is about BLM. It's the only bank in America owned by black people. I've banked there since 1992. CC members need to be on the bank account. I don't see how that's going to happen in Travis.

June: Having that information would be helpful. We could work with them electronically since we aren't based in LA.

Doug: Statements have been going to Tim for two years. Everything is on those statements. All the background information is in the box.

Eric Brooks: Three quick points. One. What new account, what new banks? We can work that out as we go along. We're in a situation where we've had a new treasurer for months and he's not able to function. We need to get that underway. We can always change to a more egalitarian setup later if we decide that's what we need to do. Another thing we need to find out, I don't know if we can find that or if it's in the box, but if any automatic transfers are going on. I don't believe there's any requirements in the bylaws for CC members to be signers. We need to just get people we trust.

Mike G: I find this whole process we are going through to be a tremendous waste of time. Solution is for the Treasurer to go to the bank with official documents. All the information is at the bank. If they don't do it then sue them. If you pass all these resolutions and Doug says I'm not gonna do it then we are wasting time. Go to all these places, say we are the authorized people, have them turn the stuff over to you.

Bert: I have money in Travis Credit Union. I don't think it's all that awful.

Eric: I wanted Doug to say whether any automatic transfers are coming out of the old accounts.

Doug: Like I said, Global Payments and I think Amex grab something once in a while. These are both credit cards. The two PayPal accounts take out something. I'd like to make a point which has not been made. If everyone in CA Greens donated a dollar, it would cost us $18,000 for the processing. If they donated it through PayFlow it wouldn't cost anything. That's why we maintain a PayFlow account.

Proposal A2 passes by consensus.

Proposal B put to the committee.

Eric Brooks: One concern that I'll stand aside on. I don't think that two signers are enough; think we should locate and add a third person. In case of emergency.

Proposal B passes by consensus.

(11) Application of Gloria Bram to the Finance Committee.
*Reference*: Appendix W
Eric Brooks: People who are turned down can't reapply over and over. Means you have to deal with it on every agenda conceivably. Are there internal procedures that cover that?

June: Hasn't been a problem before. If it becomes a problem may have to make a rule.

Bert: Wasn't able to find it anywhere. May be one of those things, not done, not written down.

Erik: Is this an application for the very same position? We could probably breeze through it quickly if we took a vote. Worry about changing things later.

June: Someone reviewed the proper way to handle this. Does it have to go to online vote?

Tarik: I think what I remember is that it automatically goes to an online vote. That's what we did last time.
June: I think that is the current practice.

Laura: I will look that up. A change we made in the spring is we would do a vote in the call if that's what we need to do.

June: That was CC internal process. So we don't have to put it to an online vote. Proposal is to appoint Gloria to finance committee.

Eric: for all the reasons that I stated on the email we should definitely in my opinion reject this appointment firmly. I won't go on to explain it unless there's somebody on this call who hasn't seen my email explaining why. Won't stand aside.

Susan: I don't have a problem with her resubmitting her application. I would like to affirm her appointment. I think it's important for people who have a background in bookkeeping to be on the finance committee. I don't understand what the issue is with Gloria.

Erik R: I've been to a few GA's now. I've never met Gloria to my knowledge. She's brand new to the GP, yes? I'm totally unfamiliar with her.

Eric: When Gloria was first presented to us she was described as being a new person. Was introduced by Sanda Everette who promoted her to be on finance committee and to become treasurer. At the beginning. This is in the middle of the struggle between the old guard and the new reform folks who have come in as a supermajority to fix things, to put it bluntly. There are chess moves going on here. During all these months, it was never said that she is the sister of a person who is on the CC and is part of that old guard that I am talking about. Very sketchy to me. We voted it down over electronic vote.

Susan: The finance committee is a committee. One person doesn't have the final say. I don't understand @ it's a collaborative effort. Nobody has the power to override everything else.

Mimi: I have a question for Vic or anybody who might have an answer. How does Ruscal feel? I think we have a limited number of spots. Is the answer to appoint people who Ruscal would say are helpful?

Vic: Both Ruscal and I think Gloria is a very nice person, that's not the issue. She wants to help. We have one seat that's open. She's qualified, but many of the things she's told us have been wrong. She comes from a different system. There's all different kinds of things. Ruscal often gets stressed about Gloria because she's very insistent. She wants to be the Treasurer. She's competing with Ruscal on a certain level, he has to stand up to her, it creates problems. One of the things @ how did she know to reapply for the position before we knew what the vote count was? That's not because she went on the CC list. That's because somebody else did and they told her.

June: I've heard that she can attend meetings and be helpful, but the vote, the difference between being around and being on the committee is different. She could wait and find out who isn't feeling comfortable, call up and talk to us. I don't see that, I see another form of persistence. I would like to wait a while, make sure she isn't someone who would use that one vote to always vote against. We have a lot of two thirds votes in this party. I don't know if one more voter there can muck with the works but I want someone who everyone feels is helpful. This process is of concern to me.

Tarik: Several things that I heard that I wanted to speak to. If what she said was true in the beginning Sanda should say this is my sister. But if you want to hold that against somebody hold it against Sanda. Not against Gloria. We should go on her qualifications. She is persistent, you're saying persistent is bad, other times we hear it is good.

Susan: I understand Sanda not disclosing that Gloria is her sister. (NB: Echo on the call indicates someone else on the call is in the room with Susan.)

Erik Rydberg: We already have the online vote. There may not be any rules for reapplying. I think that it hasn't been widely publicized that there's a vacancy. Make people aware.

Eric Brooks: The concern here is not about Gloria Bram as a person. She seems like a fine person. That's not my issue @ my issue is that in 2016 DemExiters and reformers came in to join the party and move it in the right direction. We've had a very serious problem, some of which we've voted on, with the old guard manoeuvring things so they can keep enough votes to gum up the works and retain control. This has been a three-level chess game, a maddening one. I have no problem with Gloria being a volunteer, helping us do the work. My concern is what was said about 2/3rds votes. With it not being revealed that there was a conflict of interest it is not a good idea to mess with giving voting power on the finance committee. On another committee I might not care so much.

4 yes: Doug Barnett, Marla Bernstein, Susan Chunco, Tarik Kanaana.  
12 no: Victoria Ashley, June Brashares, Eric Brooks, Maxine Daniel, Sadie Fulton, Mike Goldbeck, Bert Heuer, Eric Luna, Ann Menasche, Mimi Newton, Erik Rydberg, Laura Wells.  
No reply from Angelica Duenas.  

Motion fails at 9:07.

(12) Update the spokespeople on
*Sponsor*: Erik Rydberg
*Reference*: Appendix Y

Spokespeople are not updated on Sadie to update: Bert to update if Sadie can't.

Request for email address. Are we going to do it on the same website?

Victoria: Treasurer needs to be updated to be Ruscal's name too.

Laura: I have had a  email in the past. Putting in a test now to see if it forwards to me. I don't know who has assigned that. Who set it up, how it gets set up.

June: Please put together the information you'd like for  and email that to Sadie and Bert. That's my suggestion for implementation.

Eric Brooks proposed friendly amendment that we change the name of the treasurer on Erik Rydberg accepts.

Approved by consensus.  

Amendments to the website to be emailed to Sadie and Bert.

(13) Next call date: November 6th, 2017

========================= Appendix A ================================
GROW - Grassroots Organizing Working Group 
9/12/17 GROW Monthly Report submitted for CC agenda of October 2, 2017

GROW teleconference September 12, 2017
Beth Moore, Nevada County (facilitator)
Anthony Krzywicki, Ventura County, GROW co-coordinator (notes)
Nassim Nouri, Santa Clara County (time-keeper)
Laura Wells, Alameda County, GROW co-coordinator and CC Liaison
Brett Dixon, Alameda County
Brian Good, Santa Clara County
Frank Lambert, Monterey County
Erik Rydberg, Butte County
Audra Walton, Monterey County
Carol Bouldin, San Bernardino County

- Table and Starter Kit for New Counties - Nassim researching GPCA website; bringing to Ventura GA
- SGA - Standing General Assembly - status of vote administration and next vote
- GA - General Assembly in Ventura November 11-12, at Bell Arts Factory in Ventura - update
- Meet the Candidates panel at Ventura GA
- Lightning Round of county activity around the state: field organizer hiring, Movement Schools and gatherings happening, Progressive Alliances launching, county email newsletter published, local measures defended, and more.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 7:30pm, 712-770-4700, Code 626116#

========================= Appendix B ================================
Committee Report: September Finance Committee Meeting
Thursday Sept 28th, 2017, 8 - 9:00 pm

Victoria Ashley - Liaison, Co-co  (8/8/2016 - 8/2018)                     
Maxine (Mica) Daniel - Co-co (1/23/2016-1/2018)
Ruscal Cayangyang - Treasurer (8/2017-8/2019)
Tim Laidman - (1/2016-1/2018)
Bob Marsh - (2/2017 - 2/2019)
Frank Lambert  - (9/2017-9/2019)
Gloria Bram
One person too shy to speak

Marla Bernstein - (11/9/2015-11/2017)
Quinton Crawford  - (9/2017-9/2019)


* Ruscal has filed the form 410 with the Sec of State so is now the Treasurer
* Several of us are working to get him access the banks accounts
* A PC laptop has been obtained that Ruscal can use with Statecraft software
* The fundraising letter has not been emailed due to problems with getting the new emails onto NB, other options being explored
* Mica is picking up mail at the PO Box and Jeanne R is sending some also
* Jeanne R, it turns out, is also a signer still on both bank accounts, bringing the total to 5 people who are signers, 4 on one account and 4 on the other.
* Nationbuilder negotiations: We would like to have more people from IT & CC involved and reports being made - having only 2 or 3 people knowing what is going on is too few.


Getting a sense of the spectrum of GPCA functions that the Treasurer needs to oversee in terms of finances, and how they interconnect with bank accounts and Paypal.

Next Regular Meeting:  Thursday, October 26th at 8 pm

========================= Appendix C ================================
Sept 24, 2017 CCWG notes

1) Attendees:

David Cobb (Humboldt), Barry Hermanson (San Francisco), Mike Fienstein (Los Angeles), Michael Rogers (Nevada), June Brasheres (Sonoma) Eric Luna (San Joaquin)

2) Barry H is stepping back as liaison to national Green Party Coordinated Campaign Committee. David C will serve in this capacity.  

3) Discussion of how to use SB 562 (The Healthy California Act) to grow the Green Party

-- Folks in Humboldt, Mendocino and Sonoma counties did  a coordinated "die-in" at each of Assembly Member Jim Wood's district office all on Sept 13. High energy, lots of participation, and good press at each one.

--David C has a call scheduled with folks from CNA to discuss how we might collaborate moving forward.  Barry signed up with Healthy California (which is CNA's group) and will report any developments.

-- To get active at your local level, check out They h

-- There is a "Recall Rendon" effort beginning in LA, and Greens are very active with it. Angelica Duenas/Rodolfo Cortez are seeking a possible Green Party candidate.

4) Discussion of 2017 Election Calendar

-- We know of 6 candidates running in 2017. Listed on the website.

5) Discussion of 2018 Election Calendar

--Candidates who have announced their intent:

Josh Jones-- Governor

Lewis Elbinger--  US Congress, District 1
Jason Kishineff-- US Congress, District 5
Chris Richardson-- US Congress, District 7 
Barry Hermanson-- US Congress, District 12
Angelica Duennas-- US Congress, District 29
Miguel Zuniga-- US Congress, District 43

Eric Frame-- State Senate, District 6

Carol Boldin-- State Assembly
Henry Mollin-- State Assembly

We are currently thinking the US Senate race should have an "organizing campaign" designed to activate county parties where they don't exist, and energize those that do. We would like to prioritize recruiting a woman and/or a person of color.

6) Discussion of upcoming GPCA General Assembly in Ventura Nov 11-12

-- Request plenary time to discuss 

a) SB 562 
b) StopTop2
c) 2018 Elections

-- Request workshops/trainings on

a) County treasurer (David C will ask Ruscal)
b) Rap to High School (Michael R will ask Ben Emery)
c) County Party in a Box (June will ask GROW)
d) Being a candidate (Barry H will do this)

7) General discussion of StopTop 2

Mike F will ask Tom Palzer if he can speak at the Ventura GA.

8) Movement School for Revolutionaries

--David and Mel Figueroa have co-facilitated 10 so far, with several more are upcoming:

-- Sept 30 San Diego
-- Oct 5 Riverside, 
-- Oct 7 Irvine
-- Oct 21 Jackson, MS 
-- Nov 4 Tulare, Fresno or Visalia 
-- Jan 20 Nevada City

========================= Appendix D ================================
Monthly Bylaws Committee Report to the GPCA Coordinating Committee

From:The GPCA ByLaws Committee

To:The GPCA Coordinating Committee

Date:Oct. 1, 2017

Submitted By:Mimi Newton, Co-Co ByLaws Committee

*   *   *

Date of the last ByLaws Committee Meeting:

        Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017 at 7:00 pm


        Present:  Vic Ashley, Laura Wells, Mimi Newton, Adam Siegel. (No quorum present.)

        Absent:  Jim Smith, Gloria Purcell, Tim Laidman, Mike Feinstein.

 Date of the next ByLaws Committee Meeting Conference Call:

        Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017 at 7:00 pm, Call in number - (515) 739-1271, access code:  753142.

Any significant actions the Committee is taking:

        Members discussed adding a bylaws amendment to our list of priorities to lower quorum in Standing Committees to 50% instead of 50% +1 (see GPCA Bylaw 9-3.2).

========================= Appendix E ================================
Monthly Clearinghouse Committee Report to the GPCA Coordinating Committee
Mica Daniel
Next meeting of the Clearinghouse Committee is October 4, 2017, 3pm to 4:30pm.  
Every First Wednesday.
========================= Appendix W ================================
Decision: Appointment of Gloria Bram to the Finance Committee (5 minutes)

*Sponsor*: Mica Daniel
*Background and Purpose*: The Finance Committee gets 8 appointed members and now has 7, leaving one seat vacant.
*Proposal*: That the Coordinating Committee appoint Gloria Bram

I changed my voter preference from Democrat to Green Party on the second day of their 2016 convention. My son, who is also a Green Party member, applauded my decision and took me to the very next Green Party of Orange County Meeting. 

At that meeting I was asked if I wanted to join their council, I did and I was. Now I have been appointed to the Standing General Assembly for Orange County. I attended the General Assembly meeting in Sacramento last June & have been an observer at the monthly Finance Committee meetings for several months prior to and since that meeting.  

I am a retired accountant (for 43 years, 10 with my own business) and was treasurer of an influential county democratic party in Washington state for more than 15 years, filing weekly & monthly reports online as required by out Secretary of State
Now I would like to use my knowledge & skills to help grow the Green Party where I can.  

I have been asked by a few State members to consider becoming state party treasurer and would like to explore what would be involved with that. To that end, I would appreciate being appointed to the Finance Committee.

​ I can be reached at my greengloryb@gmail account or by phone (Cell; 714-785-1686 or Home; 714-530-3398) 

Gloria Bram
GPOC Council

========================= Appendix X ================================
Decision: Sponsoring a GA agenda item put together and presented by the Ventura Veterans for Peace (10 min)

*Sponsor*: Tarik Kanaana
*Background and Purpose*: The Ventura County Veterans for Peace in coordination Ventura GP has planned to play video of earth anthem, read their mission statement and show a slideshow. This agenda item needs to be sponsored by a committee or WG. Being pro-peace and anti-war is central to who we are as greens and that reaffirming that at a state meeting on a day which is a tribute to war falls within the scope of the CC's duties. 
*Proposal*: The Coordinating Committee sponsors an agenda item put together by Ventura Veterans for Peace on the agenda of the Ventura General Assembly taking place November 11 and 12.
*References*: Committees and Working Groups may submit proposals within the scope of their Duties and Authority as defined in these bylaws. County Organizations may submit proposals to amend the Bylaws, Rules & Procedures and Fiscal Policy.
 Synopsis and purpose: Arlington West (AW), a Veterans for Peace (VFP) project, was primarily established to demonstrate the true costs of war during the past decade Iraq War period (Operation Iraqi Freedom). Its intent was to demonstrate that if Americans could feel the hurt and sensitivity of its own killed-in-action soldiers during the war, Americans could also feel the hurt and sensitivity inflicted upon the Iraqi people whom had not offended Americans pre or post 9/11.  AW was requested for display by a retired Ventura College history teacher, Gary Johnson. The slide show begins by showing the early arrival of the project to the campus grounds. The slide photos steadily move forward showing the construction of the project by appreciative volunteers, some of whom were teachers at the college. Students were asked to participate in various ways by reading the names of the KIA and by placing name cards, flowers or flags at cross marker placements or by simply walking amid the upright markers. Signage was added in order to explain the current situation. Student reading of the names of the KIA was encouraged via PA system.

========================= Appendix Y ===================================
Discussion: Update GPCA Spokespersons Info on

Proposals to the Coordinating Committee to update GPCA Spokespersons info

*Co-sponsors*: Erik Rydberg GP Butte County

*Background and Purpose*: new female and male Spokespersons were appointed to represent the GPCA. This proposal is to update to reflect that.
*Proposal*: Update Spokespersons info
*Implementation/Timeline*: To be implemented immediately 

*References*: Kern County General Assembly Media Committee breakout session nominations. GPCA Media Committee phone conference decision via consensus to appoint Laura Wells and Erik Rydberg as new GPCA Spokespersons. Decision coming in the wake of having no Spokespersons for several months. 

========================= Appendix Z ================================