Watch Global Greens live in Senegal

Watch CA Greens and Greens from around the world at the Global Greens conference in Dakar.

GPCA Job Announcement: Part-time Independent Contractor Press Secretary

The Green Party of California currently is seeking to fill a part-time independent contractor position for Press Secretary

Green Party seeks abolition of Prison Nation and police state abuses

As more and more Americans express alarm at the curtailment of rights and privacy and the increasing numbers of citizens locked up in prison, Green Party candidates and leaders are calling for rational security, law enforcement, and justice system policies.

Music Concert to Benefit CA's Green Party

"Our music benefit promises to be a night of fantastic rhythms, youthful exuberance and political might,” Marcy Winograd said. “Now is the time to go Green and to celebrate what we value: peace, sustainability and social justice."

Who were those mystery women in the pink slips protesting Obama?

One woman was Nancy Mancias, co-chair of the Marin Green Party County Council and member of the Green Party of CA Coordinating Committee.

Green Party Meets Tea Party in San Rafael

Theoretical physicists conjecture that reality may consist of parallel universes existing side by side, and there was supporting evidence in San Rafael on Wednesday when local representatives of the Green Party and the Tea Party exchanged views on the source of the nation's economic woes.

Green Party to Obama: Whether foreign or domestic, it's time for America to cut oil and gas from our energy diet

President Obama's energy policy shows a dangerous disconnect from the real nature of the current energy crisis, said Green Party candidates and leaders, who promoted the "Green New Deal" as a way to alleviate impending climate change and create millions of new jobs.

David Cobb barnstorms through CA

Cobb, a fiery speaker, and former Green Party presidential candidate, is touring California giving his talk "Creating Democracy & Challenging Corporate Rule" for Move to Amend.

Hear Green Party Spokeswoman Laura Wells on KPFK

Please join Green Party leader Marcy Winograd this Monday morning, 7-8 am, on KPFK (90.7 FM) when she interviews Laura Wells on why CA needs a millionaire's tax.

Action Alert: Contact Your State Assembly Members Now to Oppose AB1413, Save Write-In Voting in California

Please contact your Assembly member now to vote 'no' on AB1413 unless it is amended to preserve write-in voting. Its going to the Assembly Floor the week of January 30th. AB1413 would rob Californians of a democratic right they've had since statehood in 1850 and would do so without a public vote.


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