Tim Casebolt, Application for Alternate, Green Party of the United States

Name  -  Tim Casebolt
City - San Diego
County - San Diego
Contact information -  timc2@sbcglobal.net

I have been a registered Green or voted Green since the founding of the Green Party in California. 

My active involvement with Green Party began when I joined the National Lavender Green Caucus in 2002. I was elected Caucus secretary in 2004 and have since served in that capacity, having been re-elected again in 2010. I've maintained the membership database and email lists and conducted elections, endorsements and resolution processes. I also designed and maintain the Lavender Caucus website. 

It is through my joining the Lavender Caucus that my Green Party involvement has evolved. 

I served on the national Peace Action Committee from December, 2004 to December, 2006. I was a California delegate to the 2004 Nominating Convention in Milwaukee. I helped found the national Secular Greens and helped in drafting the Secular Equality plank of the national Platform that was adopted in Milwaukee and definitively outlines the Green Party's position on the separation of church and state. I am an observer on the GPUS Diversity Committee and I maintain the California Delegations' email list and member database.

I got involved with my local, the Green Party of San Diego County, in 2003. As one of its most active members, I have organized most tabling events, been a delegate to several state Plenaries and was elected to the County Council in February, 2004. I served another 2 year term on our County Council beginning June, 2006 and was elected Co-chair at that time and was subsequently elected for yet another term on the Council as well as Co-chair. I declined to run for Council again in our most recent election in June, 2009. I helped organize 2 state Green Party candidate forums in San Diego prior to the 2006 elections. My involvement with the Green Party is fulfilling, not to mention time consuming, and I would therefore be interested in serving a 2nd term as Alternate Delegate. While my input on the national email lists has been minimal, I stay informed on the issues and have consistently voted when my vote is needed. I also currently manage our delegation email list. Your consideration of me filling this position is much appreciated. Thank you. Tim Casebolt, Alternate Delegate (current)