Bob Marsh, Application for Delegate, Green Party of the United States

Dear Greens,

I'm a lifelong resident of Berkeley, and I've been an active Green since joining to work on the Nader for President campaign in 1996. Since then I served on the County Council of the Green Party of Alameda County for more than 8 years, and as Treasurer for longer. In addition, I worked in past years as Assistant GPCA Treasurer to help with liaison and training of County Treasurers. Currently I am working full-time for Inveneo, a San Francisco-based non-profit that is installing communication and computing networks in poor rural communities in various African countries and Haiti.
As a GPUS delegate, I will try to help make the national Party more effective and less riven by internal nitpicking disputes. Our country desperately needs a true opposition party, and the Green Party has the ideas that represent the beliefs of most Americans. Let's work together to free the minds of our fellow residents from two-Party brainwashing.
Bob Marsh