CA Members of GPUS Committees

GPUS committees have three seats possible for GPCA delegates, as well as any other GPCA member, except as otherwise noted below.

The GPUS delegation approves membership on these committees per GPCA Bylaws Section 11-8. GPUS Committees:

"Where GPUS Bylaws and Rules and Procedures provide for state party-appointed membership, the delegation shall determine who shall be the GPCA’s representatives on GPUS committees, or shall otherwise make recommendations or nominations for GPUS committee eligibility as provided for by GPUS Bylaws and Rules and Procedures. Any GPCA member as defined in 3-1.3 is eligible to be on a GPUS committee, unless GPUS Bylaws and Rules and Procedures state otherwise."

So how do you volunteer for a GPUS committee?

Any GPCA member is eligible to serve on a GPUS standing committee.  Please contact the delegation co-chair by email with a statement as to why you want to be on the committee and relevant biographical information at least two days before a regularly scheduled delegation teleconference or meeting.

See complete approval procedure.

Committee Delegate County Current Term Prior Terms



Animal Rights

  Peggy Koteen San Luis Obispo April 2016   
  Karinna Zarate Riverside April 2016   

Annual National Meeting

  Rich Zitola February 2017 March 2015  
advisor Mike Feinstein Los Angeles

Ballot Access


Ajay Rai

Marla Bernstein

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Dec 2016

Dec 2016

January 2014
  Mike Feinstein Los Angeles March 2017 June 2007
May 2013
March 2015
Elected by NC or appointed by SC Jessie Townley     appointed by SC

Elected by National Committee before each nominating convention. In 2008, seats were held by Mike Feinstein and Sanda Everette.  In December 2011, they were elected again to serve for the 2012 convention.

Dispute Resolution



  Richard Gomez Fresno January 2017 September 2011, 2013
  Tim Casebolt San Diego Observer  

Eco Action

  Derek Iversen Los Angeles February 2017 February 2010


Restricted to current delegates, 2 seats open.
Membership after vetting by GPCA delegation requires proposal and election by National Committee .

  Susan Chunco Sonoma February 2017 (in process) September 2013(3 yr term)


  Jacqueline Mary San Diego   July 2013

Green Pages

Subject to approval of Green Pages committee.

  Wendy Kenin Alameda May 2015  May 2009 - May 2011
May 2013
  Mike Feinstein Los Angeles Advisor  


  Sanda Everette San Mateo March 2015 June 2006
  Mike Feinstein Los Angeles March 2015 October 2008
  Bob Marsh Alameda April 2015 July 2011
August 2013



  Laura Wells Alameda May 2015 January 2011, March 2013
  Sanda Everette San Mateo March 2015 July 2010
  Mike Feinstein Los Angeles Advisor  


  Jessica Chuan Los Angeles   May 2011


  Patrick Snider Sacramento   March 2013

Peace Action/GPAX

  Drew Johnson Santa Clara   Observer


  Jesse Townley Alameda May 2015

June 2011

May 2013 


Presidential Campaign Support (as many seats as state party has NC delegates - 25)


Josefina Aranda Los Angeles March 2015 May 2011
May 2013
  Mike Feinstein Los Angeles March 2015 May 2009
May 2011
May 2013
  Jared Laiti Sacramento May 2015 May 2009
May 2013
  Cynthia Santiago Los Angeles March 2015 May 2011
May 2013
  Rich Zitola Santa Cruz March 2015 May 2013
  Linda Piera-Avila Los Angeles   May 2011
May 2013
  Lisa Taylor Los Angeles   May 2011
May 2013
  Warner Bloomberg Santa Clara   May 2011
May 2013







Elected by GPUS National Committee

Mike Feinstein

Jesse Townley

Susan Chunco

Sanda Everette

Los Angeles



San Mateo




July 2016

July 2011

July 2013

July 2014

Ju;y 2008, 2010