Online voting procedure for delegation decisions

Adopted by consensus on February 22, 2006.

The preferred decision making process of the California GPUS delegation involves discussion during teleconferences or in-person meetings.
The delegation adopts the following procedure for decision-making between meetings:
  • An item can be put in the online voting queue at a teleconference or in-person meeting, to save time during meetings. In this case, a 3-day voting period may start immediately and is simply an extension of the normal meeting process rather than a special procedure.
  • An item can be put in the online voting queue if sponsored by 3 California delegates or alternate delegates.
  • The online voting procedure is that the item must be announced on the delegation listserv (gpus- with the words "ONLINE VOTE: [TITLE]" in the subject line, followed by 3 days of discussion and 3 days of voting.
  • During voting, votes may be submitted online, by phone, or by email to the facilitator of the vote named in the proposal. All votes must be posted to the listserv, either by the voting delegate or the facilitator relaying a vote received from a delegate by phone or private email. A running tally should be kept on the listserv by adding votes to a list of previously submitted votes.
  • The voting threshold, per GPCA bylaws regarding committees other than the General Assembly, is 2/3.
  • The facilitator of the vote must post the results to the delegation listserv within 24 hours of the close of voting.