Green Party Party Statement of Purpose for the November 2000 General Election

Green Party

The Green Party’s core values include social and economic justice, ecological wisdom, nonviolence, and grassroots democracy.

We Support:
Living wages, safe workplaces, and the right to organize unions.
Strong local economies and an end to corporate welfare.
Universal health care, including alternative methods and mental health.
Protection of reproductive freedom.
Higher taxes on pollution and large corporations, lower taxes on working people.
More funding for education, while allowing schools to try new ideas.
Ending unfair global trade laws.
Equal rights for people of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, national origins, and economic backgrounds.
Ending attacks on the poor and immigrants through so-called welfare reform.
Stronger regulations for clean air and water and protection of endangered species, and eliminating toxic and cancer-causing chemicals.
More mass transit and bicycle access.
Increasing renewable energy and ending nuclear power, coal, and
big dams as energy sources.
Organic and family farms.
Crime prevention—promote education, job opportunities, and nonviolent problem solving. Treat addiction as a health issue. No new prisons.
Abolishing the death penalty.
Use of the internet for free speech and information distribution.
Campaign finance reform and proportional representation.
The right of all to participate fully in democratic processes.

P.O. Box 2828, Sacramento, CA 95812
916-448-3437 Email:

Published in the State of California Voter Pamphlet