Green Party Party Statement of Purpose for the March 2004 Primary Election

The Green Party represents working families and the otherwise forgotten middle-class. We want independent politics and responsible
government that honors constitutional rights and civil liberties.

The dying two-party system serves only the wealthy corporations, trading favors for huge campaign contributions. It no
longer represents small business owners, workers, and the poor elderly and disenfranchised.

The Green Party is the fastest growing political party. Voters know it’s time for change.

We’re rebuilding the way government operates; we’re not for sale.

Instead of the corporate-driven system embracing consumption and nonsustainable competition, we practice these 10 Key Values:

Ecological Wisdom Nonviolence

Grassroots Democracy Feminism

Community-Based Economics Personal and Global Responsibility

Social Justice Respect for Diversity

Decentralization Sustainability

Increasingly, voters elect Greens on citywide, county and state levels, with over 180 officeholders nationwide. Greens also work between elections on community issues. This activism is fundamental to our grassroots values. We walk our talk.

We advocate universal health care, alternative energy, election reform, living wages and sustainable business practices. We’re working
to restore the quality of our everyday lives and communities.

Green Party of California
P.O. Box 2828, Sacramento, CA 95812

Published in the State of California Voter Pamphlet