Update on Prop 14/SB 6 lawsuits

Background: At the April 30/May 1 General Assembly in Berkeley, the GPCA heard a summary of the legal arguments against the Top Two primary (Proposition 14 in California, Initiative 872 in Washington State), as well as Proposition 14's implementing statute in California, Senate Bill 6 (SB6). A video of that presentation is here, featuring Richard Winger of Ballot Access News and Gautum Dutta, attorney against SB6 (http://www.businessandelectionlaw.com/sb6)

Since then the case against SB6 has gone to the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco and its possible it will be heard and decided by the time of the GPCA's December General Assembly.  A running update of that case can be found here on Dutta's website.

Presentation: Winger will be present to make an update in person and Dutta will participate via skype.