Strategic Plan Brainstorming Session

GPCA Bylaws 7-1.13 Work Plan state: "The CC shall establish a two-year strategic plan annually, using input from a brainstorming plenary session and draft work plans from the standing committees and working groups. The proposed plan shall be presented and affirmed at the subsequent General Assembly. The two-year strategic plan shall be reviewed and refocused by the CC and presented to the General Assembly annually. As part of the strategic plan, the CC shall develop a two-year schedule, including potential agenda items, for the General Assemblies and Gatherings, with input from each standing committee and working group work plan. The two-year schedule shall be revised annually, with General Assembly agenda and scheduling remaining flexible."

As a resource for this session of the General Assembly, a report will be posted here from the strategic discussions at the GPCA Summer Gathering in Ventura.