Draft agenda of the June 2013 General Assembly of the Green Party of California

Draft agenda approved by the Coordinating Committee, May 6, 2013 for submission to the counties
Saturday, June 22
  8:00am Breakfast, registration
  9:00am Opening, new delegate orientation, quorum count, announcement of Standing Committee vacancies
  9:30am Agenda approval
  9:45am Consent calendar
- Proposal: Approval of Coordinating Committee Bylaws Interpretation Regarding Platform Approval at San Francisco General Assembly (September 10, 2012)
10:00am Confirmation: Doug Barnett, Coordinating Committee Nominee for GPCA Treasurer (nominee makes statement)
10:30am Presentation: Coordinating Committee female and male candidates for FY2013-2015 make statements
10:50am Presentation: GPUS Delegation delegate and alternate candidates for FY2013-2015 make statements
11:00am Proposal: Budget FY2013-2014 - Draft budget in .xls format and .pdf format format; Income Narrative, Expense Narrative; Annual Reports and Workplans of Standing Committees and Working Groups (Budget Committee), Proposal: Strategic Plan (Coordinating Committee)
12:20pm Lunch, Womens Caucus meeting during lunch 
  1:25pm Quorum count
  1:30pm Proposal: Budget FY2013-2014 - Draft budget in .xls format and .pdf format format; Income NarrativeExpense NarrativeAnnual Reports and Workplans of Standing Committees and Working Groups (Budget Committee), Proposal: Strategic Plan (Coordinating Committee)
  2:55pm Announcement of Standing Committee vacancies
  3:00pm Breakout sessions for committees and working groups (CCWG, Platform, Finance, GROW)
  4:30pm Presentation: Update on Legal Cases against Proposition 14/SB6 (Coordinating Committee)  
  4:45pm Discussion/Proposal: GPCA 2014 Election Strategy, including statewide constitutional offices/Resolution on 2014 Elections (Campaigns & Candidates Working Group)
  5:55pm Announcements
  6:00pm Dinner on your own (host committee providing recommendations), GPUS Delegation meeting during dinner
  7:30pm Greens In Government Forum, featuring Richmond Mayor Gayle Mclaughlin, as well as Marina Mayor Bruce Delgado, Fairfax Town Councilmember Renée Goddard and one more invitee.
Sunday June 23
  8:00am Breakfast, registration
  9:00am Breakout sessions for committees and working groups (CCWG, Green Issues, Media)
10:30pm Quorum count
10:35am Consent calendar bring-backs
10:45am Proposal: Approval Next General Assembly Meeting Date and Place (Coordinating Committee)
10:55am Proposal: Proportional Representation Platform Plank  (Platform)
11:25am Discussion: Update on Status of Fracking Legislation in California and affecting California (Green Issues Working Group)
12:10pm Discussion: Organizing around Fracking (Green Issues Working Group)
12:15pm Discussion (initial introduction and discussion of plank, time permitting only): Military Uses of Outer Space and of Weather Proposal (Platform)
12:30pm Lunch, Optional caucus meetings 
  1:35pm Announcements, including announcement of Standing Committee vacancies, Quorum Count
  1:40pm Discussion: Party Process (Coordinating Committee)
  2:45pm Breakout sessions for committees and working groups (Finance, Bylaws, ERWG, Clearinghouse)
  4:15pm Confirmation: Standing Committee and Working Group Co-Coordinators  (for any committees or working groups not confirmed in morning session)
  4:20pm Closing session