Bylaws Interpretation to Establish Process for GPCA endorsements in June 2014 primary

Subject: Bylaws Interpretation to Establish Process for GPCA endorsements in June 2014 primary 

Sponsor: Coordinating Committee
Background: This proposal was conceptually discussed on the Coordinating Committee, July, August and September teleconferences, with final approval of the text below under GPCA Bylaws 13-4 in October.
Proposal: That the General Assembly approve the following statement of findings/bylaws interpretation:
Whereas the June 2014 primary elections are the first under which the Green Party is operating under the Top Two primary system for statewide office, a system under which it is highly unlikely that any Green Party candidate (or candidate from any other smaller, ballot-qualified party) will appear on the statewide general election ballot; and 
Whereas the existing GPCA procedures governing endorsements in statewide races were passed at the June 2006 Ventura General Assembly ( and were designed for general election endorsements under the prior system, under which the Green Party primary election winner automatically appeared on the general election ballot; and
Whereas at the same time, these same procedures governing endorsements state that in special circumstances, the Coordinating Committee can approve a statement of findings to clarify under which special circumstances a primary election endorsement should be held, and that "an endorsement procedure would be brought before the GPCA."; and
Whereas while existing GPCA rules governing endorsements permit endorsing in Green Party primaries in special circumstances  (, under the Top Two primary system, there is no longer a Green Party primary (or other party primary) but only a single non-partisan primary with candidates from all parties running against each other, meaning there will be no primary election held among Green Party members to choose the party's nominees; and
Whereas the December 2011 Los Angeles General Assembly passed an amendment to GPCA Campaign Fund Support policies (, that states that "until such time as the Proposition 14 elections structure is suspended or voided, the Campaign Fund Support Committee may authorize distribution of GPCA donations to candidates for office upon the certification by the Secretary of State of the candidate's qualification to appear on the "Primary" ballot."; and 
Whereas the criteria for awarding Campaign Support Funds ( includes a requirement that any candidate to be considered for such fund must be endorsed by their county party (for a non-statewide race) or the state party (for a statewide race); and
Whereas endorsements of statewide candidates are made by the Standing General Assembly, according to GPCA Bylaws 7-6.2 Decision Items ( which state "The following decision items shall automatically be placed before the Standing General Assembly":   7-6.2(b) Endorsements of statewide candidates; and 
Whereas GPCA Bylaws 7-4 Endorsements ( state that "A GPCA position to endorse or oppose shall require 2/3."; and
Whereas the Napa General Assembly in June 2013 passed a resolution ( stating that "The GPCA General Assembly declares as a goal for the GPCA in 2014 that there is a unified and coordinated slate of Green candidates for California's statewide constitutional offices such as Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Controller and Insurance Commissioner;
Therefore the Coordinating Committee approves this statement of findings and interprets GPCA Bylaws under 13-4 ( that the findings above establish the special circumstances under which which the GPCA should make endorsements in the statewide races in the June 2014 Top Two primary election, and
Whereas there are no existing party rules governing specifically how and which candidates shall be placed before the Standing General Assembly for endorsement; and
Whereas in the case of the 2003 California gubernatorial recall election, where there was no party primary but only a single recall election and that under these circumstances, but without past precedent or internal rule or procedure, the Coordinating Committee chose to place Peter Camejo for endorsement via County Polling to the GPCA's County Organizations (from among four Greens running for that office); and
Whereas in the case of the party's presidential preference primary ballot - which is not a Top Two primary - under GPCA Rules and Procedures 1-5 (, the GPCA's GPUS Delegation and the GPCAs Campaigns and Candidates Working Group may make recommendations to the GPCA General Assembly for approval by the General Assembly for recommendation to the California Secretary for State for inclusion on the GPCA's presidential primary ballot up to ten days before the General Assembly; and
Whereas it is GPCA policy that to be eligible to receive GPCA Campaign Fund Support funding, candidates must submit answers to a questionnaire about their campaigns; and 
Whereas the Coordinating Committee authorized members of the Coordinating Committee and the Campaigns and Candidates Working Group to prepare such a questionnaire for candidates seeking the GPCA's 2014 statewide endorsement, and that the questionnaire has been made publicly available via the GPCA's web page on its front page, on its Facebook group and page, on its Twitter feed and has been sent by the Campaigns and Candidates Working Group to all individuals it is aware of who are seeking to run for 2014 statewide office as a registered Green; 
Therefore, the Coordinating Committee finds that it is appropriate for both the Coordinating Committee and the Campaigns and Candidates Working Group to have the authority to recommend consideration of endorsement for one or more candidates for any/all 2014 statewide offices by the Standing General Assembly, among those candidates who have responded to the questionnaire and thus have formally indicated their interest in seeking the GPCA's endorsement; and
Whereas it is normally the case that once a proposal goes to the Standing General Assembly for a vote among candidates (such as for elections to the Coordinating Committee), no new candidates are added after the discussion period begins, it is possible that viable candidates for statewide office could join the race after the discussion period begins;
Whereas the next General Assembly shall be November 16-17, 2013 in Santa Rosa (Sonoma County) and this could present an opportunity for party members to hear directly from potential candidates seeking the party's statewide primary endorsement before that endorsement is made; and
Wheres GPCA bylaws specify that SGA voting period begin on a Monday, but the Coordinating Committee also meets on a Monday to make its recommendations and a delay of one day to begin begin the voting period  would mean losing only one day out of six weeks of discussion

Therefore the regular six week SGA discussion period will be timed to overlap the Sonoma General Assembly (, beginning on Tuesday. October 8 and running through Sunday, November 17, with the voting to begin Monday, November 18 and run through Sunday, November 24; and the Coordinating Committee and/or the Campaigns and Candidates Working Group to recommend candidates for consideration by the Standing General Assembly up until November 8th. Following this round of endorsements, the Standing General Assembly may consider future endorsements upon a proposal of recommendation by the Coordinating Committee and/or the Campaigns and Candidates Working Group.