Discussion: Possibility of the GPCA hosting the 2017 Annual National Meeting of the Green Party of California

Background: California Greens have hosted several key western and national Green events since 1988 (http://www.cagreens.org/history/conferences), including Greening the West (1988), Green Parties of the West (1993), the first ever Green presidential convention (1996), the only two Green Officeholder Network conferences (1998 and 2003) and the founding meeting and press conference of the GPUS (2001). With most of the GPUS Annual National Meetings (ANM) and Presidential Nomination Conventions happening in the eastern half of the U.S. since, there has been growing interest in recent years in a GPUS ANM on the West Coast. 

GPCA bylaws mandate an annual brainstorming session in the General Assembly preceding the approval of the party's two-year Strategic Work Plan at the spring/summer budget General Assembly. By planning a ANM in California far in advance, the strategic goals can be identified and the benefits for the GPCA and the GPUS maximized.  In addition, by 2017 it will be more clear if the Top Two system will be overturned in the courts or not, and hence what the electoral context the GPCA will be operating under. The following questions are included for discussion and could become part of a proposal at the GPCA's 2015 spring/summer General Assembly as part of the GPCA's 2015-2017 Strategic Work Plan, to include submittal of a proposal to the GPUS to host its 2017 ANM in California: 
Political goals within CA: What are the strategic benefits of a GPUS ANM for the GPCA? How can a GPUS ANM build the local and state party? How will we retain new members attracted by an ANM?
Political goals vis-a-vis the GPUS: What would be the benefit to the GPCA of having many Californians attend one of its ANMs? If an ANM is held in 2017, what are the political objectives of the ANM that year and how can California Greens help achieve them?
Workshops/Networking: What NGOs, grassroots groups do we want to use the ANM to network with? Which speakers should be there and what do we have to do to get them?
International Greens: How can we ensure a truly strong international Green presence and what do we want to do with it - do we want to tour them around before/after to build the party?

Media: Do we want a C-SPAN focus at the ANM?

Location: Where best in California should an ANM be held to achieve the goals of the GPUS and GPCA?