Bylaws Interpretation Regarding 2014-2016 County Council roster

Subject: Bylaws Interpretation Regarding 2014-2016 County Council roster 
Sponsor: Coordinating Committee

Background: The Coordinating Committee approved the following bylaws interpretation at its December 1, 2014 teleconference.  Under GPCA Bylaws if such an interpreration is made within 60 days of a General Assembly, it shall be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.

Proposal: That the General Assembly approve the following bylaws interpretation:

Bylaws Interpretation Regarding 2014-2016 County Council roster 

Whereas the GPCA General Assembly originally in November 2013 voted to conduct its own County Council elections in 2014; and

Whereas when it became apparent the GPCA would not be able to conduct those elections, the June 2014 Santa Barbara General Assembly approved an alternative process by which GPCA members would be considered County Council members for the 2014-2016 term, if they had been a County Council member under certain circumstances between 2012-2014; and

Whereas this process was contingent upon receiving information from county parties by a June 2014 deadline; and

Whereas in practice the information has come in slowly over time and the deadline has been informally extended without consequence, and the results have not been contested; and

Whereas the information on hand can be used as needed for determination of General Assembly Delegates; 

Therefore the GPCA finds that in implementation of its June 2014 bylaws interpretation, it will accept information as it becomes available from the county parties.