Proposal: Approval Next General Assembly Meeting Date and Place

Proposal: Approval of Next General Assembly Meeting Date and Place 
Sponsor: Coordinating Committee

Background: GPCA Bylaws 7-5.8 Setting Next Meeting state "The date and location for the General Assembly shall be determined by the close of each meeting. Should the General Assembly fail to make this determination, it shall become the responsibility of the Coordinating Committee to do so. The General Assembly may set more than one meeting date and location at a time."
At the January 2015 General Assembly in Monterey, delegates set January 2016 in which which to hold the GPCA Winter General Assembly at which the GPCA will recommend names to the California Secretary of State for inclusion on the GPCA presidential primary election ballot:
This agenda item will set the date and location in January 2016. A location has not yet been identified by the Coordinating Committee, but the Coordinating Committee hopes to have one identified by the San Jose General Assembly, or take input during the Strategic Plan discussion on the possibility of having a Green presidential candidate forum at that event, and in what city the General Assembly and candidate forum might best be held.