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Agenda packets from previous meetings are accessed
from the "Past General Assemblies" link below.





Planning and Status

November 18, 2011
Transitioning to the new CAGreens site impacted our ability to post the packets.
Download draft agenda pdf file for including proposals. We expect a final update.

The information in the agenda packet can also be found on line on our new site. The logistics information can all be found on the website and it was felt that there was no need to create and print a pdf for that.

Registration will be done in a new way and we expect that page to be online on November 19.


Apologies for the delays, but this has been an exciting time of transition. It was complicated further because the agenda team member who had access to updating this page was in Europe and returned the night of November 17. While she was gone, it was believed that IT was the only one who could update this page and because they thought it was not being used any longer, did not assist in updating it. It was not planned originally by the web design team to use this page, but there was a request from one or more members of the CC to still use this page as it was felt that some people who naturally go to rather than finding where the information was available on the new site.

Sanda Everette, for the agenda team








The GPCA is putting out an all-out call for counties who are interested in hosting a state meeting. We need host counties for the following approximate dates:

  • Spring 2012
  • Summer/Fall 2012

You provide the site, the food, and the volunteers; you handle the money; and we provide the program. Whether you're an old or newly organized county -- or even if you have yet to organize, and think that a state meeting will help galvanize your county into action -- we are ready to meet in YOUR town!
We have a "Plenary Cookbook" to guide you through planning process, and personal support from the Agenda Team.

Preferences are to hold meetings in northern CA during the summer months and in southern CA during the winter months (or anytime along the coast!).

(Note: Most meetings take at up to 6 months lead time to plan; more if a suitable site must be found. The farther out you can commit to hosting, the better and easier it will be.)

Contact the if your county is interested!



Past General Assemblies - Agenda packets, minutes and photos from past plenaries and events.

Agenda Process - Details about the official process used to develop GPCA statewide event agendas.

General Assembly Planning - Planning resources for Host Committee, GA planning team, facilitation and accreditation.