Membership and Outreach Committee

The Membership and Outreach Committee is charged with supporting County Organizations, membership development, and organizing outreach and events, including to:

  • Develop and promote resources in support of growing active County Organizations and to assist the activation of new County Organizations by providing education, training and resources for outreach and events.
  • Coordinate County Organizations into statewide efforts to register GPCA voters, engage in public voter outreach, and increase diversity in the party.
  • Develop, provide, and support training materials and programs on skills building grassroots organizing activities for individual volunteers and County Organizations.
  • Engage, onboard and train volunteers for membership in GPCA Committees and campaigns.
  • Maintain a current database of General Assembly delegates, Active County Organizations, County Council members, volunteers, and other entities relevant to GPCA efforts.
  • Develop training materials and engage, onboard and train volunteers for membership in GPCA Committees and campaigns.
  • Organize and promote GPCA and County Organization events.
  • Support and liaise with other Committees on their projects that require outreach and external communications.
  • Assist the Coordinating Committee as appropriate in the coordination, organizing, and outreach for General Assembly events and online votes.
  • Get Involved

    We welcome all registered Green volunteers to join in our work, contact our committee Coordinators to learn about our projects, be added to our email group, or to attend our monthly meetings. Volunteers may apply to the Coordinating Committee to be appointed to this Committee.

    Members (term)

  • Sean Dougherty - Coordinator (6/2023 - 6/2025), Member (9/2022 - 9/2024)
  • Laura Wells - Coordinator and CC Liaison (9/2022 - 9/2024)
  • Rick Greenblatt - member (11/2021 - 11/2023)