The Green Party of California works to build an alternative system for a socially and racially just, ecologically sustainable, democratic and peaceful society that exists in harmony with nature.
We call this alternative social, economic, and political system “EcoSocialism", founded on democracy, equity, and solidarity.

As Greens, we understand EcoSocialism to mean:

- An end to the capitalist, class-based power and privilege, marked by inequity, white supremacy, racism, imperialism, colonialism, ableism, heteropatriarchy, and all other forms of oppression; and
- An economic system based on social and worker (waged and unwaged) ownership and democratic control of production and exchange to best meet human and planetary needs; and
- A political system founded on democratic decision-making on the local, regional, national and international levels, able to restore the balance between the worlds of nature and of humanity.

Therefore, the Green Party of California rejects the oppressive and unsustainable capitalist system that exploits both nature and people for private gain.
The Green Party of California also rejects contributions from corporations, and their super-PACs and lobbyists. Our Ten Key Values ( guide our platform that includes five main sections, each containing detailed platform planks:

Social Justice and Livable Communities
Community-Based Economy
Ecology and Earth Stewardship
Peace and Non-violence
Democracy and Electoral Reform