The Green Party of California has has six standing Committees charged with accomplishing the work of the Party and developing proposals for the General Assembly. Committees conduct their monthly meeting as they see fit, and communicate to the Coordinating Committee through a liaisons. The Coordinating Committee appoints members to GPCA Committees, eligible applicants must be registered Greens, have previously volunteered with the committee and have demonstrated a working knowledge of the Committee and its operating procedures.

Bylaws and Rules Committee is charged with supporting the development of the GPCA's governing rules documents, including its Bylaws, Rules and Procedures, Fiscal Policy, and others.

Candidates Committee is charged with facilitating the electoral work of the GPCA related to candidates and elections.

Communications Committee is charged with facilitating all GPCA external communications such as broadcast, media, press, social media and public inquiries.

Finance Committee is charged with administering all GPCA’s Fiscal responsibilities as provided for in these bylaws and in fiscal Policy.

Membership and Outreach Committee is charged with supporting County Organizations, membership development and organizing outreach and events.

Policy and Platform Committee is charged with developing and implementing strategies for GPCA legislative campaigns and the development of the GPCA's Platform.

Coordinating Committee In between General Assemblies, a 24-member state Coordinating Committee is responsible to coordinate the state party meetings, facilitate internal communications and perform other administrative tasks. The Coordinating Committee is elected by the Standing General Assembly, with six female and six any gender members elected annually to two-year staggered terms, in at-large proportional representation elections by ranked-choice voting.

There are also Subcommittees of the Coordinating Committee that are charged with accomplishing specific CC tasks.
Contact the Coordinating Committee for information with any questions about the Coordinating Committee business and our standing committees.

To learn more and become involved, reach out to any Committee's Coordinators at the contact information listed on Committees' webpages.