Peggy Koteen, Application for Delegate, Green Party of the United States

Name  -  Peggy Koteen
City - San Luis Obispo
County  - San Luis Obispo
Contact information -

1) Please list any prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills within of the Green Party that you have, that apply to this position.
-Registered Green since the early 1990s, and very active in our local for a 
dozen years. 
-Attended all the plenaries since I was elected as a CA delegate in May 2007. Prior to 2007, attended a handful of plenaries since 1994.
-Attend Platform Committee meetings at the Plenaries and give feedback on platform proposals.
-Regularly participate in the monthly delegate phone teleconferences.
-Participated in the 2008 Co-co meetings in Palo Alto & Fresno, though I am not an official co-coordinator.
-Went to the Chicago National Convention and Baltimore national Convention
-Participated at and enjoyed Annual National Meeting in 2009 in Durham, NC.
-Worked on a number of GPUS revised platform planks in 2010 and 2012.
-Vote-Nanny regularly when our delegation is not able to reach quorum during our monthly teleconferences. (I actually like this duty as I feel a bit connected to individuals when I receive the votes.)
-Initiated and coordinated the production and distribution of "Cynthia McKinney for President Yard" signs amongst cities in CA, Washington D.C., Michigan, Ohio, and Minnesota. 
-Elected to the San Luis Obispo County Council since at least 1998.
-Main organizer for most all of our events here, including our many fundraisers for local as well as for statewide candidates. At my home, I’ve hosted candidates for Governor- Dan Hamburg and Peter Camejo- and for President- Joel Kovel, David Cobb, Kent Mesplay-, plus setting up their interviews on local radio, public radio, and television .
2) Please list any prior or current positions, related experience, and/or personal and professional skills outside of the Green Party that you have, that apply to this position.
-Longtime activist.
-Director of a grassroots non-profit organization beginning in 1992 in San Luis Obispo county. I organize letter writing campaigns, demonstrations, and our booth at Farmer's Market. As director, I am the spokesperson and have been on our local CBS and NBC affiliates dozens of times, as well as our local talk show radio many dozens of times.
3) Please describe your vision for serving as GPUS Delegate including addressing the job description for GPUS Delegate.
It is imperative that we manage to grow the Green Party with energy and endurance, as well as point out our magnificent differences to the public of our party in contrast to other so-called progressive parties.
I will actively take part in the GPUS Delegation. I would like to continue to be involved on the platform committee in CA and attend all plenaries and as many teleconferences as I am able. I hope to participate in helping to form Green Party position papers.
Assuming I am reelected to serve an additional term as GPUS delegate, I will gladly participate at the National Meeting proposed to be in July in North Carolina.
I am applying for the position of Delegate.