Starlene Rankin, Application for Delegate, Green Party of the United States

Name - Starlene Rankin
City - Sacramento
County - Sacramento
Contact -

I'd like to help GPCA and our national party grow and become stronger. I especially think we need to do more effective fundraising so we can hire the staff we need to carry out our goals and make the Green Party a significant political force in the US.
Relevant prior or current positions:
I’ve been with the Green Party since 1996 and I’ve worked lots of different jobs. Some were volunteer jobs and some paid jobs. I’ve done Green Party work in Iowa, Massachusetts, Chicago and northern California.
I was the Co-founder of the Lavender caucus, the Lavender Caucus National Delegate to the GNC (2003-2007) and the Women’s caucus co-founder & organizer. I've been a campaign worker, social media manager, volunteer coordinator, campaign manager, campaign office manager, meeting facilitator, workshop leader, GP annual meeting organizer and writer for Green Party publications.
I ran for City Council in 1999 in Ames, Iowa. I was in the streets of Seattle for 3 days videotaping our mass demonstration against the WTO meeting in November, 1999 and I ran the Media Desk at the Convergence Center in Washington, DC on April 16, 2000 when we protested the IMF/World Bank meeting. I was a representative from G/GPUSA to the European Federation of Green Parties Congress in Paris, France in Feb. 1999.
I was the Clearinghouse Coordinator for G/GPUSA in Lawrence, MA, during the 2000 Presidential campaign (Nader/LaDuke), was a staff member of Rebecca Kaplan's campaign for Oakland City Council in 2000, was a staff member of Peter Camejo's campaign for Governor in 2002 and was the Clearinghouse Coordinator for the Green Party of California in 2003.
Currently, I’m the National Lavender Green Caucus (NLGC) Co-Chair, Co-Chair of the GP Media Committee (since 2004), the GP Social Media Manager, GP-TV Producer, Clearinghouse Coordinator for GPCA and County Council member of the Sacramento County GP. I'm on the national Media Committee, Presidential Campaign Support Committee, Outreach Committee and Merchandise Committee as a rep from the NLGC.
My Activism and Community Organizing Background includes: LGBTIQ Equality Organizing, Food cooperatives, Child care coops and alternative schools, Natural childbirth and home birthing, Anti-war and Social Justice organizing, TV/Video Media activism, Arts Council Board member, Land Trust member, Neighborhood Association member, Summer festival organizing.
Self identify as: Senior, Lesbian, Disabled