Green Party Statement of Purpose for the November 2019 Election

The Green Party of California

Vote Green for viable solutions to our greatest challenges from inequality to climate change. Greens’ actions match our values because we refuse contributions from corporations.
Since 2010, Green candidates have run on the real Green New Deal. Over 350 California Greens have served in elected office since 1990. Greens’ early vision and leadership has led to successes including cannabis legalization, closing California’s last nuclear power plant, and enabling public banking.

Voting Green means:

• Living wages, green jobs, workers’ rights
• Universal healthcare, free higher education, affordable housing, food security for all
• Reforming Proposition 13 to close corporate loopholes, restore schools and public services
• Taxing the super-rich

• Going 100% renewable through publicly-owned, clean energy and efficiency programs
• Switching from fossil fuels to clean electric-powered public transportation
• Restoring groundwater and watersheds
• Reforestation, restorative agriculture

• Ending oppression based on race, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, economic status
• Protecting immigrants with sanctuary and pathways to citizenship
• Black Lives Matter, police accountability
• Gun control/safety
• Abolishing the death penalty, ending private prisons, reducing prison populations

• Publicly-financed elections to eliminate corporate money
• Proportional representation, ranked choice voting
• Overturning Top Two primary

Register and vote Green.

Green Party of California
P.O. Box 485
San Francisco, CA 94104
(916) 448-3437