Gov. Brown asks for ideas, but Green Party wants to know if he'll listen to 2 ideas to save the state: Oil severance tax and fixing 3-Strikes law


SACRAMENTO - Will Gov. Jerry Brown - who "said" he wanted ideas - REALLY listen to ideas that could save working families money and help California recover from its financial crisis, asked the Green Party of California Monday night after the governor gave his 14-minute State of the State address.

"Jerry Brown is asking for ideas (but) will he listen when we present them?" said Laura Wells, Green Party spokesperson, noting that the governor gave the usual "it's time to tighten our belts" speech, but omitted any new ideas.
"The Green Party has many constructive ideas, including implementing an oil severance tax, like other states have done, and imprisoning fewer of its people to start with, like all other countries have done," offered Wells, who campaigned on these positions during her 2010 gubernatorial campaign as the Green Party nominee.
She explained that, as Attorney General, Brown opposed two efforts that would have helped California's budget today, including a chance to fix the Three-Strikes law so it would apply to violent crimes only. "This would reduce the costs to taxpayers, as well as the human costs to families and communities," said Wells.
"Californians wonder why we are the only oil-producing state with no oil severance tax. The veto power of the 1/3 minority is the reason. Would Jerry Brown rather blame the Republican minority, and make the rest of us pay, while the richest corporation in the state, Chevron, makes headlines with their huge profits?" Wells charged.
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